How many WJPC hard plastic playing cards are sold per year?
Thanks to the implementation of reforming and opening up to the outside world in China and reasonable marketing strategies, we have acquired a steadily increasing annual sales volume of WJPC playing card . Since 1978, China has been encouraging the policy of reforming and opening up. During this period, a lot of trading companies including Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. are driven to utilize precious business opportunities to promote our brands to the world. Also, we keep learning from famous brands in the industry to improve our technical capabilities and develop our own core technologies, so as to update and level the products on a regular basis to keep up with the trend. In this way, we can attract more and more people and gain increased sales volumes per year.

WJPC Printing Company has a wide sales network and receives a high reputation for its playing card. WJPC Printing Company's playing card series contains multiple sub-products. Inspections for WJPC poker cards custom printed will take place during and after production. During production, the product will be checked for sewing quality (seams, stitches, and openings), and physical properties (resistance to tearing, shrinkage, color fastness) after production. Pictures on it are customizable with customer's own photographs or pictures. This product can helps hotels minimize the risk of noise complaints and boost the chances of providing a calm, restful stay to guests. It could be sealed with a lacquer finish to prevent warping.

WJPC Custom Game Card Printing And Manufacturer aims to cooperate with customers to develop a higher quality on competitive products. Welcome to visit our factory!
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