How to carry on the brand promotion by means of the knowledge of the dressing small CARDS

by:WJPC     2021-02-10
When it comes to advertising poker custom, actually not strange, as early as in the last century has emerged, just at that time is based on characters and events to commemorate such advertising poker forms. The role of advertising poker for brand or product is very rare. Firstly, when people are busy in the contribution of economic construction; Secondly, the living standard of people is limited, not the pursuit of a higher quality of life, so the custom class CARDS will not be able to play its unique advantage as it is today. Since when it comes to using dressing little knowledge CARDS for brand or product promotion, we first to get to know the custom of playing CARDS features: more related advertising poker show universality: click on the picture 1, poker CARDS of the audience is very wide, both young men and women is, that in addition to money, not which is a kind of carrier can compare with it, this leads to the birth of advertising poker; Interactive: 2, poker CARDS interactive features of the special cause poker ads to more people to be more exposure; 3, poker freshness: traditional poker machine-made, custom classes poker personalized design, quickly let the audience have a kind of novelty, thus faster and audience to establish a brand or product. Timeliness: 4, poker CARDS used frequently, cause it is also has the certain service life, but as long as poker no crease, will not be abandoned; 5, poker acceptance: compared to other advertising information carrier, custom classes advertising poker this carrier, is indirectly information embedded into the audience's minds, and its itself is a kind of practical things of People's Daily needs, so people are willing to accept it. At the same time, the improvement of living standards of people today, will naturally in addition to simple material life, will pursue other higher quality of life. So, dress nature is little not. So our playing CARDS can put a lot of little knowledge about dressing, such as: short how to dress the boy how to dress, short girl how to dress do not look fat, fat girl, and, behold, the customer doesn't how to dress better, how to dress in winter overstaffed, and so on, these useful little common sense is that people really need. So how do you take this to promote our brand? Is simple, can be in each CARDS down to the bottom of the front (at the bottom of the Above is a small knowledge) Print this message: & other; More about dressing please pay attention to our public & throughout; Deserve to go up next to a qr code, the code for 20 yuan red envelope; Opposite is the background of middle printed on our brand LOGO at the same time, this not only to promote our brand, also will be our target customer lead into our fish ponds, laid the foundation for the future marketing work, that is the beauty of custom common-sense knowledge class CARDS, do you understand it?
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