How to Custom The Best Cards For Poker?


My playing cards won’t last long enough. I play a few games of poker and already start to see wear and tear. I wish I could just get more playing time out of them.

If you have the same problem, or just want the best cards for poker, so why plastic cards last much longer and are better for poker than paper cards.

Plastic Playing Cards

So, what exactly are plastic playing cards and what does that mean? Well, plastic playing cards are 100% plastic. Many cards are plastic coated. So what? Plastic is the touchpoint for both, why not go with the cheaper plastic-coated cards? Not so fast. There are many advantages to owning 100% plastic cards: 

Significantly more durable

Not as easy to cheat with

Can be cleaned

When bent, will stay straight

Very unique feel

Much easier to shuffle

Frankly, our 100% plastic poker cards can outlast your paper deck up to 50 times. We know, that sounds pretty ambitious. But it all comes down to science. Paper will eventually soak up all of the oils and dirt on your skin, now, there is a point where the cards will “break-in”, but not soon after, the cards will become unusable. What happens when an ace in the deck gets a big scratch on the back and everyone knows you have an ace in hand. Time to buy a new deck right? Well, this time try a 100% plastic deck made out of flexible PVC. Plastic will not soak anything up. 


One Key Difference

If you arent convinced just yet, consider them for this one reason. In poker, you lift up the corners of your cards to know what hand you have. We try to be gentle with it, but sometimes the cards get bent and we have to force them back to be straight. Not with plastic, the second you see your hand the cards will slap back on the table without a crease.

plastic playing cards

The Price

You’re probably used to paying around $4 for a pack of cards. And $16 can seem like quite a bit. With our cards, you will get 2 decks in the package (most have 2 different designs, like this deck). It also comes with a hard plastic carrying case to keep your cards in pristine condition. Plus, our cards will last so much longer! A few more bucks can get you 20-50 times more playing time. 

Give Plastic Cards a Try

There are many advantages to owning 100% plastic playing cards. Plus, WJPC Printing has been producing the world’s most premium plastic cards for over 10 years. 

WJPC is one of the top Asian playing cards manufacturers in the manufacture and sales of cards and games. Excellent manufacturing is our core business. We have been printing playing cards, tarot cards, oracle cards, and game cards since 2006. We move swiftly and ensure top quality, as we know in a world of technology there is still a place for custom made cards.

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