how to make foam casino poker chip decorations

by:WJPC     2020-06-09
Make your own casino poker chip decoration for your next pokeror casino-themed party.
Poker chips can mimic the chips of your favorite Vegas casino, or design something customized --
Tailored for your event.
For example, if you are celebrating Mark\'s 30th birthday in a casino, put \"Mark\'s 30\" on a poker chip --themed party.
Common poker chips are black and white, green and white, or red and white.
Or, use colors that complement the rest of the party decoration.
Place a round bowl, plate, or other object on the foam, track the object with a marker pen to form a perfect round bubble poker chip.
Do not press hard, especially if you are using foam plastic because it breaks down easily.
Cut the circle for the craft foam with a sharp long knife for foam plastic or scissors.
Do not press hard if you use foam, otherwise the foam may burst.
Brush off any extra foam plastic beads and leave a smooth round poker chipshaped piece.
Carefully place casino poker chip stickers in the center of the circle, or use real casino poker chips as a guide to draw poker chip designs with craft or acrylic paint.
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