How to play poker mahjong poker should be?

by:WJPC     2021-01-23
Mahjong game of CARDS is an amalgam of mahjong and poker, placement and scratch card is similar to the form of poker, thumb grip brand position is in, the remaining four refers to the lateral grip, four refers to the tip of the finger on the right side of the card stack long side, but with all the strength of the brand focus on little, licensing all the other fingers relaxed, with only the left hand little finger clip card, right from the left index finger and middle finger to pull it card. Usually play is play drum, article, only three thousand kinds of CARDS, 36, 108 CARDS, first by the dealer, one banker draws 14 CARDS, other three draws 13 CARDS take brand direction is counterclockwise take card. Rod from above after take a piece, because the remaining CARDS are piled up in the middle, like poker. Behind the banker to play first, according to the chronological direction, in turn, to touch a card, and then playing CARDS, hand keep 13 CARDS, is each of the design and color CARDS to every 3 together, such as 50000, 3. 45 million this is ok, just need to connect the hands of CARDS also have a pair of digital design and color CARDS will, in addition to the pair of CARDS, all can be connected, and brand.
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