How to use the poker to identify corporate structure?

by:WJPC     2021-02-09
The birth of the CARDS is doing great publicity for the business enterprise and brand values, so the concept of cultural identification has three hierarchical structure of code of conduct, will be subject to the enterprise culture shape and propaganda way, to attract more enterprises recognition, such advertising, enterprise not seen. Social hierarchy: advertising environment for advertising poker CARDS manufacturers is shaped by culture, it formed by advertising poker manufacturers a deeper implicit assumption, the basic belief and understanding of human nature to be formed on the basis of the basic culture. For example state-run advertising poker manufacturers is chief executive culture, and private advertising poker manufacturers are mostly boss culture. Hierarchy: advertising poker manufacturers on the basis of the social cultural environment, formed its own unique values, mission, objective, so as to determine its own position and role. Behavior hierarchy: advertising poker manufacturers in operation, affected by social hierarchy culture and organizational level, and the formation of a stable behavior, the stability behavior directly affect the performance of advertising poker manufacturers and output, want to change the advertising poker manufacturers behavior, must in the advertising poker manufacturers social hierarchy and organization structure of enterprise culture to reform, to affect advertising poker manufacturers behavior change.
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