Is it true that advertising poker custom, has the propaganda effect?

by:WJPC     2021-02-06
AD + + visitors purchasing power to buy + = effect, this is the current advertising industry evaluation formula, specific to each type of advertising media, the evaluation standards are different, such as network media general is CPC or CPM, so specific to poker, advertising poker advertising effect and how to evaluate? The problem of traditional advertising poker manufacturers have no way to solve, because they only focus on the production of poker ads. Wangjing by many customized advertising poker customers visiting survey, found a few questions: a, poker poker advertising design is too simple, some even just simple printing on the product to others is a whole pay CARDS printed all advertising, simple product or pictures, design is extremely simple and crude. There is no aesthetic feeling and ideas. Second, print quality is uneven. A lot of pictures also not too clear. Obviously is not processed. Part of playing CARDS material also didn't use poker special paper. Feel bad, the serious influence its entertainment function, information poker ads are & other; Small poker big benefits & throughout; The title, is built on a poker is the world's most popular entertainment sports on the basis of the objective. So making poker advertising first principle is: does not influence its function of entertainment, if is churning out printing and do not take the effect of the design. It not only cannot achieve the effect of the dissemination enterprise image, it is self-defeating, caused by customers for its products. Just as love me, love my dog, it is also abhorred house and wu? Third: on how to use these advertising poker, lack of overall marketing planning. The problem, of course, also can't go to all the investigated the problem of enterprises. Because this industry currently advertising poker is chaotic. Manufacturer focus on producing so much, no one is to study the poker advertising design and poker advertising communication problems. Traditional advertising poker manufacturers, of course, without corresponding talent and mechanism is an important cause of the industry status quo. Poker advertising design and promotion is in need of a focus on poker advertising effectiveness research agencies to operate, it requires not only the production ability, more important is to design ability and can provide if from professional Angle to the enterprise operational scheme of using advertising poker to promote products. To wangjing printing are put forward in the industry for the first time, advertising effectiveness oriented management concept, and put forward a good poker advertising effectiveness evaluation criteria, namely: good poker advertising effectiveness = professional poker advertising design, low cost and comprehensive accurate transmission. And we also think the evaluation standard is not only suitable for poker advertising, if amplified to the whole advertising industry should be: good advertising = professional design + + low cost cut in precise transmission.
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