Leaflets advertising hated it doesn't matter, poker ads give you a helping hand

by:WJPC     2021-02-17
In life we often see people on the advertising leaflet, judging from the effect is not ideal. Or pedestrians don't pick up, or is being polite answered but then was thrown in the bin, I have seen such a scene: a man in the street distributing leaflets, uncle a picking up litter in the street closed flyers. Visible, so that the traditional leaflets advertising effectiveness or not be clear at a glance. Although said leaflets advertising cost is very low, but receiving rate is very low, your advertising information cannot be read by human target consumer, nature will not be able to reach the effect of advertising. Although your products are good, your leaflets advertising copy is well written, but advertising is not easy to be accepted, will not be able to bear the advertising information. But the emergence of advertising poker has changed by distributing leaflets before the fate of the enterprise. More customized advertising poker click on the pictures in the industry though advertising poker on one hundred times higher than the cost of leaflets, but for the enterprise, it is not how much cost, but the return on investment, take advertising poker and flyer for: 1, advertising poker, easy to accept, flyers are easy to be discarded; Card can have the effect of daily life entertainment, leaflets is just a piece of junk; 2, poker ads can act as a fresh cognition, its advertising messages could very well to the target audience; 3, poker people interaction, to make their advertising information is more and more people more attention; Although advertising poker has no advantage other advertising vehicles, but the playing CARDS on the AD copy is still the core of the advertising is one of the key, the copy design for different industry may ease is different, but the core of the advertising is the needs of users!
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