learn how to create playing cards in illustrator

by:WJPC     2020-06-07
To create playing cards in Adobe Illustrator, you need a computer, Adobe Illustrator software, and creative thinking.
You also need to decide if you will print the card yourself (
In this case you need the card in stock)
Alternatively, if you will use the online printing service, the service will print and cut cards for you. Overview1.
Draw your template
Since playing cards are small, you can easily put six on one page.
Draw a rounded rectangle with the size of the standard playing card (3. 5\" x 2. 5\")
Or any custom size you want.
If you\'re going to use a service that prints and cuts cards for you, you should check with them to see what size of cards they can handle.
You will have more flexibility if you intend to print it yourself. 2.
Now that your template is ready, you can start your design.
You can create your own artwork, use clip art, or you can use a combination of the two.
Don\'t forget, you also need to decide what will look like on the back of your card.
You can get some ideas from Google Images.
Here, we will use some vector playing cards that can be downloaded for free, which is just an example.
Before distributing these images, be sure to consult the smaller GNU Public License that applies to these images.
Sample Setup1.
Set the top half of the card.
Align objects using Pathfinder and other tools. 2.
To make the lower half of the card, select the object from the top of the card and make a copy of them.
Horizontal reflection copy, then vertical reflection copy.
Use the Pathfinder palette to align the lower half. 3.
You can add something in front of your playing cards, such as pictures of the products you sell, facts about your business.
The army used to print playing cards with drawings of aircraft and tanks to help soldiers learn to identify them.
The possibilities are endless. 4.
After the card surface is completed, create the back of the card.
All you need to do is fill in a copy of the template with the back of the card. 5.
You can use the back of your playing cards to market the space if you want.
You can take your website, your phone number, or a short marketing profile. 6.
The face card provides a special opportunity for creativity.
You can use family photos, pets or graphics to represent the king, queen and jack.
These Joker and spades trump cards are other opportunities for you to use your imagination.
After creating the complete card group, you can decide to upload the card to the online printing service and print it yourself.
Try the 60 lb coated cover as a good choice for printing paper.
Your choice has a lot to do with the cost of the online printing company and the functionality of the printer.
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