Like to collect CARDS, is it really like poker?

by:WJPC     2021-02-11
Poker as a popular form of entertainment in the world, it is not restricted by time, place and number, and small volume, convenient to carry, anytime, anywhere, want to play is play. Nowadays, more and more people is not only use it as a entertainment tool, more emphasis on its collection value. Now, more and more personalization advertising poker and art poker, they all have the extremely high collection value. These CARDS are designed by professional designers, design is exquisite, the appreciation of the art is extremely high, even more than the entertainment function of poker itself. Second, now a lot of advertising poker contains a wealth of knowledge, and that knowledge in our daily life can not learn, even if have the opportunity to learn, and no one to care about, but if it is on the CARDS, many people may at the time of play will glance at from time to time, formed a kind of exert a subtle influence on the learning process. The third point, there are a lot of people is more value-added value of poker, poker collection is more like a finance and investment behavior. Poker collections on the market now, a lot of advertising poker value rising, prices are high, such as 1883's & other; MURPHY paint & throughout; Advertising poker worth $4000, 1882 & other; Throughout the CROSSCUT cigar &; Advertising poker, value $2000, and so on. Poker collection is also a kind of elegant hobbies, to improve people's aesthetic level, promote the development of people's physical and mental health. At the same time, every time all has the characteristics of each era, both in poker's design, production and packaging can reflect the social folk customs, local conditions and customs, etc. Such as poker, early design is given priority to with birds, flowers and birds, insects, fish, more to the revolution, such as poker and combined with the pentagram, flag pattern, then playing CARDS with strong political color, this is also in order to meet the needs of political propaganda at that time. Regardless of the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, we can from different periods of poker deeply feel the development and changes in the history, poker is not only a mass entertainment tool, it is important carrier of cultural inheritance, in the long river of human history plays an important role.
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