Long seen, poker related to solar term is unexpectedly?

by:WJPC     2021-01-20
In 54 poker CARDS, there were 52 is real, said there are 52 weeks in a year. Two is a deck of CARDS, the king represents the sun, wang on behalf of the moon. A year the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, respectively in spades, red peach, plum, diamonds. The red peach, a square is on behalf of the day, spades, clubs are on behalf of the night. Is 13 weeks per quarter, playing CARDS in each kind of design and color is 13; If we calculate the total points of playing CARDS, the J when 11 o 'clock, Q when 12 o 'clock, K when 13 points, 13 CARDS of the sum of points just 91 points, equal to 91 days of each quarter. Add up the points of 4 kinds of colors, then add wang, is 365 points, just equals the number of days a year, if coupled with the king, the king of that, is 366 days, is a leap year the number of days.

do you know? Poker design and color, each country has a different meaning.
the Chinese will understand four kinds of design and color for spring, summer, autumn, winter four seasons: 1, spades, 铲) Spring, the symbol of peace. 2, the hearts, 心) In the summer, the symbol of love. 3, square ( 钻石) In the autumn, on behalf of wealth. 4, the plum blossom ( 俱乐部) Winter, mean happiness. The French will be four kinds of design and color is understood as a spear, square, clove leaf and the hearts; The germans four understanding of design and color of the leaves, bells, acorns, and the hearts; Italians will four kinds of design and color is understood as a sword, COINS, crutches and glass; Their four kinds of design and color is understood as acorns, bells, flowers, and shield; British people will be four kinds of design and color is understood as a shovel, diamonds, clover, and hearts.

at home all right, chongqing 3 CARDS month-on-month growth. 5 times?
a new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak since chongqing citizens to strengthen self protection, many choose to buy health by ordering take-out and articles for daily use. According to official statistics, since January 21, chongqing medical orders rose 10%. , especially the delivery orders masks and disinfectant is growing rapidly. And in addition to medical orders, many in the house of chongqing residents buy entertainment supplies to kill time, among them playing CARDS and so on board equipment orders is growing rapidly. Adults need to pass the time, children also need entertainment. In the past week, a total of chongqing has produced more than 160 lego take-out orders, rose 122%, must have a lot of children in the house and happy.

play tables must remember rules?
on the table, there are some rules of the protocols. The rules are often derived from the prevent cheating. Language restrictions, general play poker in order to prevent collusion, usually only allowed to communicate in English on the table. But with the development of the network, chat other languages have been slowly into the environment. When you get a hand, you can't ask anyone, can't give others to see, is the hand can have only one player. When finally open card than token, if the other side light after, you find that your card is better, to highlight your brand as quickly as possible. Deliberately delay or fake action would be considered rude and aggressive.
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