magic card players gather to defeat municipal bylaw

by:WJPC     2020-06-14
A group of Prince George gamersC.
I would like to amend a citizen\'s charter to require all pawnshops and used shops in the city to hold high
Value the item within 30 days prior to sale.
The city said the rules were designed to curb theft by giving police time to return stolen items to their original owners.
But gamers say the rule has unintended consequences for players who play a trading card game called Magic: party.
\"To play games, you have to have cards,\" said Rafael Paulson, a card player and member of Prince George\'s gaming community.
\"Because it\'s a competitive game, some cards are better than others.
\"For nearly two years, Paulson has been trying to change the bylaw to allow exemptions for trading cards.
Magic: this kind of party is usually between two competitors who take turns playing cards.
Each card has rules on how to play and each one allows the design of various strategies.
Paulson says there are millions of Magic: collection cards that are currently in circulation, and since many of them are repeated, Prince George\'s charter is invalid. \"Normally, [the bylaw]
It would be good for something with a serial number that can be identified, \"Paulson said.
\"But there are magic cards. . .
If a card has the same name, no card is different from the other card.
\"Lightning Bolt Paulson uses the usual magic: for example, The Gathering card lightning.
There are thousands of lightning cards, all of which are exactly the same as their companions --
There is no different serial number or mark of any kind.
\"If I steal your lightning card and put it in the hands of four other lightning cards, you won\'t know which one is yours,\" Paulson said . \" Explain why the bylaws do not work for stolen Magic cards.
Paulson said the new tariffs have had an impact on players in Ottawa, but the main problem players face in the charter is 30-
Day hold currently used to sell used items.
Interestingly, the value of Magic cards fluctuates drastically every day. A low-
Value cards, such as lightning, can be priced at $1 in a few weeks.
But if lightning is a high decision card
The victory of the profile tournament, its value can be sky
Paulson said the price of the rocket was $30.
The opposite could happen, he said.
Paulson believes that 30-
Japanese holdings severely limit the player\'s ability to buy and sell at an ideal price. \"That 30-
When it comes to something that bounces like a stock, the day window is actually very small. \"Paulson —
And his companions at Prince George\'s trade card shop.
On Monday, a successful appeal to the town hall for constitutional reform, a process that will now be open to the public
The hearing phase, scheduled for sometime in early 2019.
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