Mahjong can play like a poker?

by:WJPC     2021-01-20
Speaking of poker, had to mention mahjong, playing mahjong is also one of the Chinese favorite form of entertainment. Mahjong not only shows the wisdom of the Chinese people, but also the cultural characteristics of the Chinese people, it is also one of our quintessence. Many people like to play mahjong, but compared with the poker, mahjong volume is bigger, also is very heavy, if you go out to play is not very convenient to carry. Based on this, wangjing company independently designed a mahjong poker, blue and white porcelain is not only fun but also convenient to carry, is good enough to make up for you when you travel don't convenient mahjong regret. The mahjong poker, creative, changed the traditional forms of entertainment mahjong, mahjong like playing CARDS on the table, its small volume, light quality, anytime, anywhere, want to play is play. In addition, this innovative mahjong poker, there will be no noise when playing, not interfere with others, that is in large overcomes the drawback of made up playing mahjong. Mahjong poker wear-resistant rub resistance, long service life, can well meet the demand of consumers. The blue and white porcelain mahjong poker size is 52 * 92 mm, a total of 144 pieces, can be divided into two kinds, one is to use 300 g France imported black core paper as the material, feel is smooth, exquisite design, open smoothly. Another is to use PVC material, waterproof wear-resisting, exquisite packaging. Let the customer choose. Design with blue and white porcelain, Chinese wind, full of both can be used to present a gift, also can be used to collect, whether it is wild relax, nap, rest after the meal, hotel stay, travel to work travel, family happiness, anywhere, as long as you want to play, you can play!
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