Mahjong poker really so famous?

by:WJPC     2021-01-20
Play  mentioned, most influential, penetration rate is highest, most participants, but mahjong and' target='_blank'>poker. These two things, I do not know the dumping of how many people around the world.  mahjong of invention patent, it must be Chinese, not vague. Mahjong, said old horse dicks, can be traced back to the 10th century, thriving at the end of Ming dynasty. About in the 20 s of last century, mahjong let China ocean sea, in order to identify, then put the letters on the card. Don't want to in China native of mahjong in China, and when strangers here, unexpectedly fallen western & other; Finch friends & throughout; 。 Unfortunately, however, after a few years time, there besides Chinese still enjoyed, locals are uniformly thoroughly remould oneself. But the Chinese circles, mahjong is still follow you. Read a novel in his early years, says it is doing business in overseas Chinese, have free persons. Home wife because most of the foreign language does not pass, not convenient to communicate with people of the host countries, only in the Chinese sent art in the heap. A big magic weapon, boredom of loneliness is the persons. Sometimes between men and women with a rub, desktop hand moving, moving desk foot, gradually have the love. So after a few laps mahjong playing, and people are the same as the mahjong, start again & other; Shuffle the deck & throughout; 。  about most people, the main functions of the mahjong, I'm afraid just entertainment and leisure. I can't think of what could be more casual than playing mahjong in the world, more unconsciously pass shaoguang method. Mr Liang qichao once said: & other; As long as can forget reading CARDS, as long as the CARDS can forget to read. ” A sage is unavoidable. And the average person, it is you want to play CARDS, do not know to read a book. Three or four laps mahjong a dozen, should do the province, the air cooled, the forgotten to buy things.
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