make photo playing cards easily with this diy photography craft project

by:WJPC     2020-06-18
Nowadays, companies can personalize almost anything you can think of with your photos.
Calendar, artwork, t-
Shirts and even cars are one of the possible options.
Therefore, making a deck of cards with a set of your own photos is not a big extension.
However, whether you go to the local area or order a Photo playing card online, it can be quite expensive.
Of course, this is an unnecessary cost because a set of photo playing cards is actually easy to make!
In order to make a photo playing card, you need:-your photo.
You can use 54 sets, or a set of 13 recycled sets, and then use two extra things for the Joker card.
One idea I have used and like very much is to select a person to represent the card value (
Like the Queen)
With four different pictures of that person.
One that is consistent with each dress (
Queen of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds, etc. )
The steps to get all photos can take the most time.
I even like to make four folders called \"heart\", \"Spades\", \"club\" and \"diamond\" to add pictures of my choice.
Remember, 13 pictures are required for each folder.
Then you can choose two clown cards.
-Design on the back of the card.
I like to use the back generic pattern or paper texture I found online.
-Card paper (Heavy duty)
-Inkjet printer-computer-photo editing software.
If you don\'t already have your own photo editing software, here\'s a list of free options.
-Glue spray (optional)
-Spray fixer (Matte or Semi-Gloss)
The first step is to make an image for each card first.
Decide the font size, style and color and write it down.
You can then use the same font on each card.
For Hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds, you can use the free clip art.
Now, for your photos, you can crop and edit the photos as you like, and then add the set and value to each card.
I suggest choosing a suit, from ace to king, to make each card in it.
Then proceed to the next suit.
This helps to keep the organization of the whole project and make sure you don\'t miss a card.
If you already have a folder for each set, you can save the card to the corresponding folder.
Tip: when preparing your photo poker face, I recommend using a small border around each picture.
It will center your photo more and your card will look more \"professional \".
I did not do this in the example below.
Also, there are fancy borders in most photo programs and it\'s fun to use.
You also want to decide the design on the back of the card.
Anything you choose is OK, but repeating your own pattern is the best option.
You will use this design as the back of each card, so be sure to love it!
Once you have completed all the cards (
Including the clowns)
You\'re ready to print. One sheet of 8.
The average size of 5 \"x 11\" cards is 9 (2. 5\"x3. 5\")
So you need to print your back design on 6 sheets of paper first.
Once you\'re done, you can flip the paper and print the front, or print the front on a separate sheet, and then glue the two together for extra thickness.
In your photo editor, you can place 9 cards side-by-side on one document (
In the image size option, make sure it is the same size as your paper)and then print.
This will save printing time and avoid some confusion later.
If you choose to glue your playing cards, once you print the back and front, you can cut the card and start to glue it together with spray glue.
Step 3 once you have 54 photo playing cards, the last step is to spray a fixer on them.
It will take a while and it\'s great to have someone to help you with this step.
I would recommend doing it outside or in the garage as their smoke gets very strong and after you do it for about a week don\'t give a gift to the card to make sure all the smells are gone.
You can do this in one of two ways.
Either put your playing cards on a flat and clean surface, spray one side first, let it dry, then flip them and spray the other side.
Or you can put the card in the corner, spray it evenly around the card, and then keep it until the fixer dries until it is put down.
No matter how you choose, it\'s best to make two uniform and lightweight coats on each card.
This step will lock the ink and help to avoid damage to photo playing cards caused by games and other elements.
Step 4: Bonus!
After finishing the last step, pat yourself on the back and put your personalized photo playing cards in your own box ,(
You can also personalize if you want).
Then wrap them up, send them on the road, or host poker nights with them at home, ready to share your secret ways with everyone!
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