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by:WJPC     2020-06-24
If you struggle on any theme, you can make your own flash card on any theme.
But what exactly is the flash card? Flash cards are widely regarded as an outstanding educational tool for remembering things.
You can go out and buy some very impressive, easy-to-use flashcards, but a lot of people choose the cheaper option to make their own flashcards.
Do you remember the type of card you \"dad\" used to mark and archive copies of various VHS hanging around the living room?
These cards are called \"index cards\" and they usually come with those pesky little plastic book binder boxes that make the VHS tapes look like hardcover books (very tacky! ).
These index cards are perfect if you want to make your own flash cards.
They are basically line cards with larger titles.
The idea of these cards is that students can simply write the questions on one side, the answers on the other, and test themselves over and over again.
This does work.
When I was young, I went to two music universities and passed the exams and tests I deserved.
During this time, I used to review my studies with me by taking flash cards on the tram or bus to college (work cramming )
First thing in the morning
When I was a student, I used the index card type and couldn\'t afford it.
Another way to make your own flash card is to use a computer-generated flash card.
Similarly, these can also be paid or completed through the free provision of the website.
If you want to make your cards more exciting, this is a great way to make your own flash cards --
Make them more interesting.
The flash card is best suited to the previous question, and then you write down the answer later.
Many students (
Including myself)
The most beneficial part of finding out to use the card is to write the answer on the back.
This is a well-known way to get into your brain.
Be sure to write the answer with a clean pen so the card can be reused again and again.
In any case, there is no wrong or correct way to use or use them in this regard --
Something useful to some students will not be useful to others.
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