Maybe you don't know that poker is also a kind of collection

by:WJPC     2021-02-18
The cognition of all of us, know to collect the gold and silver bracelet, famous calligraphy and painting, old objects, etc. , to collect CARDS do not understand. CARDS in Europe and America, actually have some collection of history, as early as the 15th century has a poker collection of records. Collection of CARDS collection of private and public collections, these Numbers are quite a lot. There are quite some of the museum, is a poker images as part of the painting art collection in the collection. Said to the poker now I don't know whether there is no one in the collection, but now we here the CARDS have no history, normally we collected CARDS here are some of the common game CARDS, carol, what of, wangjing printing today is to introduce how to collect CARDS. For the way we collect CARDS that is fully integrated type of collection methods to collect. In a nutshell, is also to see what is what. Wrap different CARDS factory of different versions of all kinds of CARDS, and even some of the more common poker all collected. But this way to collect the difficulty is very big, is the difficulty lies in the collector not only have to spend a lot of money, but also has a wide collection channels. In our domestic strength of collectors now mostly take fancy complete type way of collection. Just as its name implies is to tell us this dedicated fancy playing CARDS, no ordinary poker. Need to various versions, all sorts of design of fancy poker collection is complete, is also a lot of a project, collecting difficulty cans be imagined.
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