Military training new recruit clip poker, freshman: I was too difficult

by:WJPC     2021-02-13
At present some universities student military training is underway. At ease, stand at attention, straddles, squat down; Walk together, goose-step, JunZi, salute & hellip; … Dressed in camouflage, the bronze one, campus with loud and clear slogans blooming youth color everywhere. To say what the hardest in military training, standing JunZi must have a name. A sweltering, or in the wind in the rain, a station is more than half an hour or longer. It doesn't, ningbo university military training for 18 days, this year students training five hours a day. Unlike in previous years, ning big military training this year a new special project ( The devil training) — — Playing CARDS. JunZi posture of poor students, need between the fingers, fingers stick pants seam, ham in the middle, between the chin and neck with a poker. The scene, some hand big boys, only one hand put a total of 6 CARDS, poker reached more than ten pieces of the whole body. Clip poker, instructor will give you a small part of, will give you an Angle of playing CARDS, so it is necessary to clamp, otherwise it is easy to fall. Ningbo college of yangming SUSIE said, one day also blow the wind, run out whole body energy, she didn't stick to the challenging moves. Ningbo college of yangming Liang Xiu rain said: & other; Is really challenging, the whole body muscles taut, much station JunZi tired than usual. But really can correct posture, can exercise more stamina and endurance! More is of the devil, if lost, ha ha, to practise 5 minutes, or push-ups to serve. To participate in military training of students have said & other; I too hard & throughout; ! An instructor said: & other; This is not a punishment, but the traditional method of training for many years, we have done this before, and we all think it is acceptable. ” “ Standing JunZi time grew, unconsciously began to lazy, arm is bent, hands also stick not tight, and instructors can't see, in time influence the training effect. ” In this case, the instructors to come up with such a way, to ensure that the students JunZi details are doing well. “ This card's effect is very good! The comrades did better JunZi stand, and enthusiastic! ! ! ! ” Military instructor said happily.
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