\'missing\' children on chinese poker cards

by:WJPC     2020-06-25
Many Chinese parents of missing children are now hoping to track them through poker decks.
Beijing: Some Chinese parents whose children are missing are now hoping to track them through poker decks.
The cards feature photos of missing children in different parts of China and are distributed free of charge in cities reporting missing children.
Shen Hao said: \"When I saw on TV that the US military chased the former Iraqi leader by putting their photos on a poker card, I think it may also help find the missing child . \" The designer of the card.
Shen, 38, a professional website designer, set up a website in 2001 to help families find missing children.
His website helped more than 100 families find their children.
\"Playing cards is more popular in remote and poor areas --
\"The affected areas are more serious than the Internet,\" he said . \"
In China, kidnapped children are often sold in remote villages.
Chinese police rescued more than 2003 abducted children in 2004 and 8,000 incidents.
Without government funding, Shen had to ask families of 26 abducted children to sponsor the first edition of the poker card program.
Each family contributed $77.
On last August, with the help of a card, Shen made 10,000 decks for the first time --
The company that does the work for free.
In last December, he made another 50,000 units with the help of a company.
All cards have been distributed but have not yet resulted in a reunion of families and children.
\"We hope we can get good news soon,\" he said . \" He added that the cards of 52 missing children also helped raise awareness of all missing children.
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