more facts about playing cards

by:WJPC     2019-11-15
Playing cards has more things than meeting each other.
This will get people out of boredom or connect with others.
But do we know everything about playing cards?
Now Playing cards can be made of special thick paper like thin cardboard, or they can be made of plastic coating.
Some are even made of pure plastic.
Usually the Size fits the palm of the hand when playing, each side of the playing card has a unique distinguishing mark, while the back of the other side has the same design for that particular deck.
A deck of playing cards consists of 52 playing cards in four different colors: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.
According to historical records, in the 9th century of ancient China, the first time to play cards was in the Tang Dynasty.
This is also where the first card game started.
The faces of these cards were quickly designed as characters in popular novels of the Ming Dynasty.
It was not until the 14th century that playing cards finally arrived in Europe, especially 1377.
A deck of cards traveling from Egypt to Europe is called the Mameluke card.
It features abstract design and the name of the officer.
There are four sets of suits for each deck, namely: Horse bat, coin, sword and Cup.
This evolution also applies to the technology or tools used to make these cards.
The first decks were handmade, but soon, the printed woodcut decks began to be used in the 15th century.
Carving has also become a fairly popular method, especially in the 1430 s.
Soon after, in 1480, the French invented the four suits that are widely used in the world today-spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.
The design also incorporates the image of the European royal family, including the king, queen and jack.
These shapes are extended to modern playing cards that we know and like today.
There are some countries where card games are so different that their cards should be different as well.
Regional games such as Scopa or briiscola in Italy use only 40 cards.
It\'s not surprising to find that many countries are still using traditional playing cards.
For example, in traditional playing cards in Spain, you will find the Latin set symbol.
Now technological advances have created many tools that allow us to personalize our playing card experience.
Custom designs, images, and photos can be printed on the front and back of the card, rather than the images that are common in the card group.
You will have a better time.
You should have a deck of your own.
You will never get bored because you can play all kinds of card games.
Custom design to make the whole card more fun to play.
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