Much, 210000 CARDS can make a building?

by:WJPC     2021-02-12
 everyone seen in poker magic, but not seen manufacturing building, in foreign countries have a Harvard University graduate student, is not only an outstanding student, or a play poker player, everybody admire the outstanding student who is playing CARDS not play CARDS, instead of playing CARDS into a building, such thin pieces of paper, if you want to make buildings, is really very carefully, not to worry, as long as it is a little small mistakes, so it is a good building will also be an instant to break down, but the results are excellent students, finally build buildings, will give back to the, is questioned by people angry push back? The students with excellent grades he is a poker built nearly 210000 Macao famous building & other; Sands and belle palace & throughout; , the difficulty is very big, and he is also very successful to built, it looks like every one poker together, very realistic, it is a smaller version, and also has a lot of people have seen it, is also very thumb up, but also was questioned by many people, someone said, this is not the one to give up, doubt is to use glue to stick together, the results of the young man was very angry, his temper mood. according to the result that a building only shows a short 10 days, will give back to the room in a fit of pique. Give back to the room in a fit of pique, really let a person very love dearly, so long efforts, thus to wasted, and such a difficult art, very rare, really is your tongue to hit people, no pressure, eventually give till later, show those who had questioned, really don't have any glue to stick, one is to give up. Actually, poker paper is very thin, and is also very small, can make buildings, really is paid unimaginable difficulties, wangjing also recommends that here, in question the ability of others at the same time, also asks you to quietly wait for a moment, because, time will let you see the real truth.
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