new tariffs pulling a wild card on ottawa\'s gamers

by:WJPC     2020-06-08
Retaliatory tariffs on the United States are now in full force, and a project on the list has attracted the attention of the Ottawa gaming community --playing cards.
Duty on cards-
Effective July 1-
Charge 10 cents on the standard card group, but like magic, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-
Oh, I played cards too.
Retaliatory tariffs in Canada will increase consumer goods and food costs by 10% as of July 1
They could also hurt Canadians, \"Our price could be ten percent higher, but we won\'t make ten more, which is obviously a problem if our sales drop, dave Tyrell, owner of The Wizard Tower, said.
He mainly sells magic cards and holds regular events.
They haven\'t raised the price yet, but customers know the price is coming, says Tellier.
\"We have a new set of storage --
Because we know, so more than usual. . .
\"Tariffs will hit us,\" he said . \".
\"Once used up, ten percent-
We will see growth immediately.
\"The Tower of Wizards is not alone. Hans-
Lee Tan, owner of the game breaker sports card, said that trading card enthusiasts are avid fans, but this may increase the price of more than just the card.
\"This means that the cost of each event they attend will also increase in the same proportion,\" he said . \".
\"I do expect this to stop some people.
\"There is no other supply chain regular playing cards that will cause casinos to rethink where they bought the large number of decks they use.
According to Renaud Dugas of Loto, in Quebec, the deck used by players in the game handling cards is only a few hours of lifeQuébec.
The Royal Company oversees provincial casinos, including the casino Lac in Gatineau-Leamy.
Dugas said they are currently bidding on a poker contract.
\"The contract has not been awarded yet.
The impact of the tariffs may depend on the company selected because the source of the card varies from supplier to supplier, \"Dugas said in an email.
Unfortunately for stores in Ottawa, they don\'t have the luxury of choosing because the transaction card is intellectual property.
\"There are no other manufacturers of their games, and each manufacturer has the exclusive right to produce their own games,\" Tan said . \".
Tellier said that the Coast wizards that made the magic card didn\'t seem to be too worried about the new tariffs, thinking it was more of a problem for shops to import products.
\"They will only see their sales decline.
Experts believe the tariffs are aimed at the Republican leadership.
American poker company-
Make card sets for popular brands big bikes and bees-
Headquartered in Kentucky, the state represented by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
On the other hand, the Coast wizards, based in Washington state, are largely considered Democratic territory.
Despite the extra cost of his store, Tellier supported the government\'s retaliation.
\"This may be the only action the government can take,\" he said . \"
If we give in [the U. S. government\'s]
They will only ask for more.
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