Old K in poker, do you know who it is?

by:WJPC     2021-02-03
To everyone when it comes to the plum blossom K prototype is Alexander the great; K is David the king of spades; Red peach K is Charlemagne; Square K is Julius Caesar. This will introduce to you one by one K card different patterns. 公元前338年,年仅18岁的亚' /> Toggle navigation 首页HOME 产品中心 黑芯纸 蓝芯纸 铜版纸 灰芯纸 PVC塑料扑克 我要定制 实力展示 客户见证 荣誉资质 扑克资讯 公司动态 行业资讯 常见问题 联系我们 主页> 资讯中心> 行业资讯> 站内搜索 产品中心 黑芯纸 蓝芯纸 铜版纸 灰芯纸 PVC塑料扑克 扑克中的老K,你知道是谁吗? Date: 2019 07 - 26 popularity times last time for everyone to say to the plum blossom K prototype is Alexander the great; K is David the king of spades; Red peach K is Charlemagne; Square K is Julius Caesar. This will introduce to you one by one & other; K” The origin of the card different pattern. In 338 BC, the 18-year-old Alexander quelled the Macedonian insurgency, save the entire Greek, he also began to show his leadership skills and capabilities. Only after a year, because of conflict with your father's expulsion, Alexander until Philip ii was assassinated, Alexander's formal arrival times. 20 years old when he became the new king of Macedonia, elect he unified throughout Greece, after sweeping across the Middle East, occupation of Egypt and Persia, communist-led expedition to India, with only 13 years and established across the afroeurasian of empire. Although in the June 323 BC, due to illness, died just 33 years old, but he still made a huge contribution to Greece, is the hero of the Greek nation, is Europe's greatest four military commander. When you see the plum flower K, also note that Alexander the great with a sword in his hand, had a beard and hair roll outward, spirited, quite has the majestic demeanor, because he is born of the conqueror. As for K prototype of David the king of spades, he grew up and a is not only operational capability is strong, and proficient in playing, is good at music and poetry, many people advocate and support him, but it also makes the dark born jealous, king Saul in their fight against Saul, David showed his brave, witty, tolerance, patience, the personality charm, more and more people are beginning to also be joined to him, Saul later defeat suicide, David also success came to the throne, which David the king. So in the patterns of the king of spades K will have the appearance of the harp, and very good-looking, hair roll outward, it also conforms to the image of David. Charlemagne after he began to reign, ongoing territorial expansion, in forty five years of his rule 54 times. He successively in southern southern to northern Italy, Germany and France and other places, to control the better part of a European territory, after being crowned & quot; Roman emperor & quot; It contains the meritorious military service, life. The earliest in the wood chisels to others like a person, accidentally the chisel sliding to beard shaved his upper lip. Since then, red peach K card by paint for the standard, thus only the red peach K king in the card no beard, and hair inward volume, held after the head of the sword. Julius Caesar mentioned, we also should be heard his name, he was born, a very early age shows his talent too ordinary people, have a passion for literature, as a teenager, like sports, muscular and strong. Any financial officer, consuls, inspectors, 60 years BC with Pompey, crassus & other; The first three alliance & throughout; , conquered Gaul, eventually monopolise power. Later because of republican lawmakers afraid Caesar king, 44 years BC to Caesar's assassination. Caesar died 58 years old, was in accordance with the law in the ranks of the gods, after death is considered & quot; Divine Julius & quot; 。 Caesar as COINS on the side like in the Roman empire, then the four Kings of K, the only diamond is profile, holding a tomahawk, hair roll inward.
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