old playing card factory could be hip, cool school, architect says

by:WJPC     2020-06-28
\"A lot of natural light\" will flow into the classrooms of the new French Immersion School, which is proposed for a rotten former international poker house whose windows have been brick for years.
Colin McDonald, project architect at J. , said the 1928 Art Deco building on Mercer Street was originally designed with light in mindP.
Thomson Architects is responsible for transforming abandoned buildings into 650-
School board Student School of the Greater Essex County School District.
Report on proposed reconstruction of heritage-
Listed buildings will be submitted to the standing committee on municipal planning, heritage and economic development on Tuesday. The 90-year-
The original design of the old building follows the approach of the famous Detroit architect Albert Khan, who created an industrial building with huge windows and skylights, believing that when there is a lot of natural light, productivity and efficiency will McDonald say he thinks the building is good
Suitable for learning.
It has five large roof monitors, like a small glass top floor mounted on the roof, that transmit natural light to the factory floor.
Even with 20 big 11-by-16-
The foot window is brick and there is too much light, he said, and you hardly need artificial light during the day.
Part of the plan is to restore all the original windows with glass.
But it\'s not just a restoration of a building that used to make bikes and bee cards.
The building suffered due to serious deterioration-
Damage from water and structural fatigue-
The game plan is \"Deconstructing/rebuilding \".
Artist rendering of public schools in Mercer Street in the future. Courtesy of J. P.
Thomson Architects/Windsor StarThis means to tear down the walls one brick and one tile and catalogue each of the original masonry pieces.
The existing steel frame will be strengthened through new foundation and cross
Support and steel columns around.
In order to meet the requirements of modern specifications, the wooden beams on the roof will be doubled.
The exterior walls will be reconstructed using old bricks and stone products and new bricks missing from old bricks.
\"We will re-use all the possible things that are reasonably structured, and then we will rebuild the building --by-
\"It\'s a complete match with the previous situation,\" McDonald said . \" A few years ago, McDonald\'s company also supervised the restoration of the John Campbell School.
\"It will look exactly like the original building.
\"The 35,000 square feet of space in this building will double. storey 37,000-square-
Added feet at the back to provide all the amenities for the students
Gym, preschool, dedicated classroom and outdoor play area-
There are usually new schools.
The new school looks fashionable and cool, he said.
\"I think it will be a very exciting thing for the community.
\"The students who will move into the building are now in front of W. D.
Lao High School on Giles Avenue.
Committee on Public Affairs
Juliana Hinchcliffe, director of engineering, said students and parents were eager to enter the new building. It had a $15. 4-
When the board plans to dismantle the old building and build a modern school, the budget is as high as £ 1.
When the City Council rejected the demolition permit, the Commission sat down with the city to study how to protect the heritage features of the building.
Hinchliff says it\'s too early to estimate the new price tag.
Tuesday\'s committee meeting could bring the first of a range of approvals needed before the new school is completed.
But if everything goes as planned, hinchliff says it can be at 2019-20 school year.
\"I think this is going to be a very open, enthusiastic and attractive school,\" she said . \" This will combine the traditional features with the modern features of the new school. Coun.
Reno botolin, who represents the region, said he thought the final result was worth it.
\"What I think you will get . . . . . . It is a more beautiful, unique and high-quality school.
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The old signage at the international poker company building is a bit hard to read now.
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