paper cards are taking a digital beating

by:WJPC     2020-06-29
This Valentine\'s Day, e-
Cards have an advantage over paper cards.
This Valentine\'s Day, e-
Cards have an advantage over paper cards.
For Arnab Mukherjee, knowledge manager for IT company Capgemini, an email was sent
The card is convenient because he doesn\'t have time to buy the card and mail it at all.
\"Time is a limitation, the convenience of scheduling e-commerce
Cards are extraordinary. So I sent an e-
Give my beloved card
However, I would love a traditional paper greeting card and be sent to my Valentine\'s Day, \"Mukherjee said.
Statistics and advanced software like Flash are changing the face of e-commercecard.
IT officials are taking advantage of custom software to enable you to provide a personal experience for e-commercecard.
Goutam Pendharkar is not surprised by the surge in email
Greeting cards and MMS.
\"I prefer to send emailscard.
With the help of some professional software, we can get ideas and add personalized touch for e-commercecards as well. E-
On thousands of internet, cards almost replace traditional paper cards. savvy people.
Railway officer Supriya Joglekar said: \"So, do people really intend to bid on paper greeting cards,\" I always go to places like landmarks to buy Archie and Hallmark Cards --
Even those who support charity.
I have always chosen the type of paper card because there is a gap between emails
Cards and their paper cards
Like reading a book and reading the same story on a computer monitor is not the same.
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