Paper CARDS can really cut watermelon?

by:WJPC     2021-01-23
CARDS are all seen, but for paper CARDS can cut watermelon believe that most people are skeptical. Mr. Li should all have heard, he is China's famous tenor and national first-level actor, he was in May 2011, took part in the CCTV, a variety show, called 'hero' in the show, he has experience with CARDS cut watermelon, but didn't succeed. Before there is an eight-year-old boy performed on the paper CARDS cut watermelon skills, make the scene wowed the crowd. Before cutting, set up a row of banana and cucumber to his headphones, see his hand CARDS fall, banana has been cut in half, because banana is soft, the audience also not strange, see he will throw in the hands of poker, the cucumber also is cut off, everyone can't believe how a small poker power so much. But even so, you still don't believe that he can use the CARDS will cut the watermelon. Raise the poker, the boy with his finger in and knock the lost out, results of CARDS instantly inserted into the watermelon, broke into thunderous applause, the audience was shocked, but that is not the best, I saw he throw out a few CARDS in a row, for a while, a big watermelon to become riddled with holes, watermelon juice spilled out. It has been proved that paper CARDS can really cut the watermelon. In fact, the CARDS are able to cut the watermelon, because poker itself is small area is very thin, the area of contact with the watermelon is very small, and poker paper hard, throw out so fast that the strong pressure, cut watermelon is naturally.
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