Paper mills sending prices to four big letter! Paper raw materials rise in price! Leading soared nearly 20%

by:WJPC     2021-02-21
November is not over, in December of the base paper price letter has come. Recently, shandong huatai paper industry, shandong sun paper, chenming group, APP Asia pulp & paper, and many other mill, announced on December 1, record-keeping up 200 / tons, mainly involved in coated paper, offset paper and other paper. Coated paper, also known as coated printing paper, senior is mainly used in printing books and periodicals cover and illustrations, color pictures, all kinds of exquisite advertisements, sample, product packaging, trademarks, etc. Can say, for printing, glossy paper purchase cost occupy a larger proportion in the total cost. Shandong huatai paper co. , LTD. , from December 1, coated paper series product price increase 200 / ton. Shandong Sun Paper Industry to be Stock Co. , Ltd. , from December 1, whole series of coated Paper products in the current executive price increases on the basis of 200 / ton; Common types of offset paper based on the current executive price rose 200 / ton. Chenming group, from December 1, chenming coated paper products prices 200 / ton. APP Asia pulp & paper since December 1, 2020, against precision. our, sea, all the production of various kinds of paper, g paper based on November rose 200 / ton. Since August, coated paper prices overall stability in the upward momentum. Dragon win fu ze tong, general manager of the assets proliferation in 'securities daily' interview: & other; Papermaking industry usher in a wave of recent price increases, coated paper, white board paper varieties have ushered in the varying degree increases. ” For this round of coated paper, institutional analysis, according to the downstream demand recovering from outbreaks, improve market order. But there are also the printing shop, he says, is ahead of time and a half months announced price increases, does not exclude the paper factory has through to shout up to stimulate the printing procurement base paper. From: http://www. chinapaper。 net/news/show- 53113. HTML China paper industry network
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