Play a game, you must have heard of it?

by:WJPC     2021-01-26
The seventh a board game called 'the dwarven mine'. In the game, players play a dwarf, diligent search for gold and treasure in the mine, but not all of the dwarves are good people, there are some bad people, sabotage, and again in their only dig gold deposit on the last show. So the dwarves to polish eyes, find the vandals, successful treasure. Play this game for 3 to 10 people, after the extraction of identity, all people began trying big fight. During the game, players have to use good card to help you win all sorts of function, in order to win, may be mutual cooperation between each other, also may have to kick down the ladder, the good is likely to be between mutual suspicion, machine test player's strategy and judgment. Eighth 'kaka', by Klaus - the game play 居 Rgen Wrede design, released in 2000. Game, players play a medieval monarchy, his cronies to expand the territory, his cronies plays a different role, whose strategy is applied proper, who can win the final. A card game, a total of 72 CARDS, start, on the back of the remaining 71 copies need to wash up, player, in turn, draw and put in the appropriate position, players can also consider sending a after the occupation of land. Both competition and cooperation between players, walk every step is the key! Ninth is 'jack the ripper', this is a reasoning class table for two, one to play jack, a people play the police, eight rounds that decide the outcome. Talking about jack, he is the history of Britain's most notorious murderers, who in 1889 August 31 solstice on November 9, killing at least seven prostitutes, the neck is cut, visceral were digging, but his identity is still a mystery. The game as bloody and violent, didn't you think the game is divided into 8 rounds, after eight rounds, if the police didn't catch jack, jack victory, on the contrary, the police won. A total of eight characters in the game, in which people play jack pulled out a card, this card represents the jack, each card has a special ability, the police need only a chance to catch, so be sure to make the right judgment. The final is a game called 'magic the gathering', it is also the world's first set in type card game, in 1993 by the American mathematics professor Richard & middot; Garfield is designed, and issued on July 13, and in the same year. In the game, your identity is a powerful mage called peng lok, to calculate the honor, and adventure and knowledge with other peng los guest. At the beginning of the game, players have 20 points in life, according to the rules will be in the hands of his CARDS are combined, with a biological attack, spells, will your opponent's life value to zero, you win!
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