Play poker almost everyone, can be one of the mysteries do you know?

by:WJPC     2021-02-02
Playing CARDS to make a common entertainment tool in our daily life, as a kind of western card, its design contains many mysterious science. In a sense, represents the human the epitome of almanac, and the earth of the intimate contact. Don't believe it, you can see it! 1. The secret of card card a total of 54 pieces, including two Joker and real, 52 real 52 represents the earth there are 52 weeks in a year. Joker was invented by American businessman, in a lot of game play are not too big significance, therefore, the real 52 are many legitimate game of poker. In addition to the original 52 can represent there are 52 weeks in a year, add up poker points can get earth the number of days in a year. If the J, Q, K as 11, 12, 13 points, king wang to 1 point to calculate, 52 CARDS together points exactly 364, plus a wang is just 365 days, coupled with the king, the king is just a leap year of 366 days. Experts generally believe that the above explanation is not just a coincidence. Because the design, the invention of playing CARDS, astrology, divination, all of the intimate connection between astronomy and the calendar. 2. Color, beautiful case, full disclosure CARDS info has two colors and four kinds of things, even if the two colors in a lot of the meaning of the traditional game of poker is not large, mostly use to identify the size info is synchronized. Two colors represent the earth day, the day and night four patterns: symbol of hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades, respectively is spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. Every quarter of the earth has 13 weeks, playing CARDS in each kind of pattern is also there are 13 CARDS. The earth 91 days of each quarter, 13 card points up also happens to be 91 points, if this is a coincidence, it's unlikely to? 3. Playing CARDS in the JQK we know JQK info is there're a total of 12 in the entire deck of playing CARDS, representing the earth has a total of 12 months, 12 signs in the chart, therefore, some of the fortune tellers is to use the CARDS to fortune. JQK respectively with portraits of historical figures, such as red peach K stands for Charlie, square K Caesar, on behalf of the bible, David spade K Hebrew world they are respectively the middle ages, the Roman empire, Roman and Greek kingdom of four monarch. 4. The origin of the Chinese invention of playing CARDS can be said to be debated. French people think was invented by the French, belgians, Belgium, Italy, said in the early 14th century Italy in poker, again to be some western scholars think that poker is introduced into Europe from China in the 13th century the CARDS. The card name leaves play, China is the world's oldest ancient playing CARDS. Leaves play the game is, in turn, scratch card, big can catch small, and the west of CARDS is the tang. Again to be a lot of classical mechanics and poker game. Poker is after hundreds of years of change of change, to meet the card games, Chinese and foreign countries was slowly formed today's internationally recognised card mode. Now people only know that playing CARDS from foreign Europe, but is actually originated in China.
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