playing card tax issues date to 1894

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Question: I have an old poker pack stamp that says \"USAS. I. R.
Play cards, Class A.
Can you comment? --W. N.
A: This is from the United States. S.
Tax stamp on revenue punching in 1922 (
Scott directory numberRF17).
It should be blue, and although there is no denomination in the design, its tax value is 8 cents.
The current catalog is worth $9 and $1.
Players who play cards for a long time will remember to break some sort of blue revenue mark on the new card.
Federal tax used to represent payment.
Since 1894, these stamps have been issued in different designs for many years.
The card-playing tax has been abolished since June 22, 1965.
Q: I believe I have a complete set of 5-
S. Dollar space twin memorialS.
Post office on October. 2, 1967.
Not only do I have the show for the ceremony, but I also have 11 different envelopes.
What interests me most is that I have a perfect \"Bull \"--
Eyes and Mr\"
I don\'t think the stamp has been issued.
Could you please let me know the degree of rarity of this material and its approximate value? --C. L. R.
Ad a: Some minor corrections: A pair of stamps you describe (Scott Nos. 1331 and 1332)
It was released on Sept. 29, not Oct. 2, 1967. Also the “Mr.
Zip cartoon inscriptions are indeed printed on these panes (sheets)
Stamps, so they are not rare today, in fact, there are fewer catalogues than plates --
Digital block of 4. By “bull’s-
I think you mean a well.
Cancel at the center where the stamp surface is clear and readable (
Also known as \"stuffed on the nose\" in stamps\"
Collect slang).
And these unusual Wells
A small group of stamp collectors collected the center cancellation with enthusiasm, and they did not have enough demand to generate huge market value.
What good souvenirs do you have: first-
First-class seal
A copy of the daily ceremony program and security deposit for Space Twins (
Picture of which space-
Walking astronaut on a stamp and Gemini capsule on adjacent stamps)
Everything interesting but not valuable.
$10 or $15 for each item?
But keep in mind that collecting money is just one reason.
Q: Although I am not a collector, I happen to have some fine Soviet stamps.
They were brought back from the Soviet Union on a date of 1982.
Where can I take them to evaluate? --M. W.
Ad a: It sounds like these things are not rare or valuable.
If they were made in 1982, they would be cheap. Most post-
The Soviet stamps of World War II are worth a few cents each, and your stamps are not early enough to have special value.
Q: In your opinion, which stamps are likely to rise the most this year? Mint or used? U. S. or foreign?
Singles or caps? Covers or off-cover stamps? --W. S.
If I knew I would buy it myself and get rich.
The current stamp market is rather low.
Some observers say China\'s economy is expected to grow rapidly over the next five years;
Others say we are in the midst of a slow and gradual increase in the value of the mass investment market --type stamps (
Airships, expensive AmericaS.
And foreign commemorative events like the first batch of classic works-the Scott No. “ones\"--Every country.
My advice is to collect fun, knowledge, entertainment, divert attention from your normal work or studies, and make possible profits for a long time to come.
The bank account guarantees the interest on your deposit.
Stamps are unpredictable in the short term, but prices tend to rise over the years for selected issues.
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