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Of all the items common to most American families, I think that in its fascinating history, humble playing cards may be the easiest to ignore.
Like life itself, playing card games is a combination of skills and opportunities.
A set of playing cards is a deck.
The player holds a hand at any time.
A group of playing cards consists of face cards and pip cards.
Points are also the name of the small symbol that determines the card, spade, heart, Diamond and club set.
The suits initially represented the four categories of clergy, soldiers, businessmen and farmers.
Shovels are considered a combination of swords in Italian playing cards and leaves in German playing cards.
But, as we will see, the spades end up with a deeper meaning.
The club originated from rubber used by playing cards in Germany.
In China, playing cards were first used.
Spread to Muslim countries;
Brought to Europe by the Moors of Spain.
But when we mentioned a deck in the US today, we were referring to the 52 deck, about 1480 deck, which originated in France.
Here we see the king and queen and Knave (male child)
Or the Prince, though originally a knight, is now called a vulgar term in the past.
By the 15th century, it was common in Europe to play cards, although it was forbidden in many places.
The first major master of printing was a German known as the master of playing cards.
The word \"card\" comes from the word \"paper\" in Latin, such as paper.
Now it is said that the king of spades should be King David,
The King of charlemania club;
Caesar, king of diamonds;
King of the heart of Alexander the Great.
There are more legends that the queen and jack also represent historical figures, but it seems unlikely.
Three cards are called \"one card\"
\"Although one of them is a King, Jack has eyes.
Jack of heart and spades;
The King of Diamonds is displayed in the profile, and the rest of the face cards are displayed as full faces.
The King of Red Hearts is the only king without a beard.
Interestingly, Ace was originally the lowest card to represent a lonely person.
The word Ace came from coins that used the least amount at the time.
The king is naturally the highest card.
But during the French Revolution, Trump began to be used as the highest card to play cards. Political views suggest that one can be above the King.
The Spades trump card is particularly important because it represents death and taxes.
Later, as the history of playing cards unfolds, we see that spades have more Trump cards than other litigation reps, a political point of view of how much tax there is for ordinary people;
What a shovel it takes to dig his grave.
Some believe that 13 cards for each dress match the 13 lunar cycles of each year, and 52 cards represent weeks of the year.
Because Ace can be the lowest or the highest, it can be considered Alpha and Omega.
Americans have completely changed the way they play card games. No country has done more than the United States in the modernization of card games.
The first American playing card was made in 1800.
Americans start playing cards and what they do to almost everything else in the world makes them better.
Americans play cards twice.
So you don\'t have to turn the card over to the right.
They painted the cards so that they would last longer and easier to shuffle.
Americans put identification marks in the corner of the card index so you can hold them in fans.
To reduce damage, they turn square cards into round cards.
The favorite card game for German Americans is Euchre.
In the 1860 s, they launched two new cards on the deck as the highest, which they called Jukers.
These cards are called clowns or clowns, and they are called clowns.
The most popular card games to play card games using 52 cards in the United States are poker, blackjack, Rumi, bridge and heart.
Poker is the most popular card game in the world.
Poker is a competitive card game where players bet at the end of the card who will hold the best card combination.
There are hundreds of variations of poker.
I heard that Texas poker is the most popular poker game.
Poker originated in French-Americans and was born in New Orleans shortly after 1803.
Poker was first popular on steamboats on the Mississippi River and on gambling salons lined with banks in the city.
The name poker comes from the slang used by pickpockets for what the victim does (the mark);
The ones they want to \"poke\"
\"So it\'s a word that means getting into someone\'s pocket and taking his money, and that\'s what the CarShark is going to do.
France in the 21st century.
The best hands in the 21st century are the spades and Jack in the 21st century.
RUMMY originated in about 1900 of New York City and was quickly drawn to actors of Broadway and Hollywood movie types seeking a quick game to play between scenes.
During the Great Depression, Rumi became very popular as a cheap entertainment.
There are a lot of different but the 500 Kurami and gin have proved to be the most popular.
It is said that at least 50 million Americans play Rummy occasionally.
The name Rummy originated from the early rum shooting practice.
BRIDGE was developed in the 19th century from the Old English card game Whist.
Bridge is clearly the English pronunciation of Whist Russian words.
Bridge is a card game that is more complicated and complicated than most people.
The red heart comes from an 18th-century card game in Spain called return.
The brand bicycle is the most famous brand in the world and has a history of 120.
Bicycle brand spades Ace\'s big spades have the same image inside as the sculpture at the top of the USS.
Capitol building.
During World War II, American prisoners of war at the German camp received playing cards from the United States. S.
The government released a map of the escape route.
During the Vietnam War, the US intelligence service learned that the Viet Cong was very scared of the portrayal of the spades trump card, thinking it was a sign of pain and death.
52 spades of playing cards were transported to American officers for psychological warfare.
The brands used by most casinos are Bee, which is more difficult to last longer for commercial use and has borderless back.
The history of Hoyle playing cards dates back to 1672 England when Edmond Hoyle founded the brand.
Hoyle is known for releasing official rules for various games, and that\'s where we get the expression \"according to Hoyle.
\"In 2001, the Hoyle brand was acquired by the American poker company.
Pilot playing cards are in 1927 to commemorate the cross.
Atlantic flights to Charles Lindbergh
Pilots playing cards are smoother than other brands.
All of these brands were produced by the American poker company in Cincinnati, Ohio, which created the bike brand and ended up buying other popular brands.
All playing cards are artwork.
The influence of card playing slang can be felt around the world with buzzwords from centuries ago.
Who doesn\'t know what it means to \"hold all the trump cards\" or build a \"House of Cards?
\"What do Americans not know when the card is stacked on You\", or what is the \"outer card?
Don\'t we all want to \"play our cards well ? \"
\"Can I ask you to\" put your cards on the table \"and hope you don\'t\" cheat your sleeves \"in case I\" bluff \"?
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