Playing CARDS is also a kind of 'professional' do you believe?

by:WJPC     2021-01-29
DE rush toward Texas Hold‘ Em is currently the world's most popular poker game, now every year, the world series of poker grand prix WSOP and poker tournament, with the development of the poker game, the intervention on TV, poker obtain unprecedented development. Texas poker is not only a popular poker game, poker is also a kind of & other; Professional & throughout; 。 According to relevant data shows that more and more players, started to become a professional poker player, poker for a living. Robot is a players tried to their own expectation maximization of a zero-sum game. After mathematical war and psychological warfare against some kind of training, people of high emotional intelligence is a high IQ can save table profit in Germany. The most ordinary lovers, as a form of entertainment, also some people to DE robot as a means of making money to make a living, take it as a career. In the master's eyes, just like the other work, is a skill. Every week, global poker index ( GPI) Will publish a world championship players of the top 300 ranking, the ranking is the player in recent three years based on the tournament results obtained. GPI, meanwhile, will also release a based on recent year performance of the year's best player. All of these data by USA today, the global poker index calculated integral system. GPI is equivalent to professional players are rated ranking, can wait for the rankings of the top 200, basic can call professional player.
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