playing live casino poker for the first time

by:WJPC     2020-06-10
The type of game and the bet you will be playing are the two first decisions you have to make before entering the live casino poker game.
Minimum buy-
The ins in most live poker rooms are ten times the minimum bet, but the general rule of thumb is never to take the minimum bet to less than forty times the table.
This means that you should bring at least $80 for 2/5 games and at least $5/10 for 200 games.
In the live casino poker room, poker chips are used as a replacement for real gold and silver.
You buy chips from the cashier behind the poker room before you sit down, or the chip runner will bring the chips to you after you sit on the table of your choice.
Most live casino poker rooms have a table with a brush in front of the poker room (Casino staff)
Work behind it
You tell the brush your name and what game you want to play.
You will most likely be placed on the waiting list when you get there, but the brush will tell you the approximate waiting time for each table.
When your name is called, the brush points out the table and seat you will be playing.
You calculate the seat clockwise from the left side of the dealer, so the first seat on the left side of the dealer will be the first.
The mechanics and processes to play in live poker games will become your second nature after a while.
You will learn a lot from looking at other players and don\'t be afraid to ask dealers or floor workers if you have any questions.
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