Poker ads, for the AD card?

by:WJPC     2021-02-02
The so-called & other; Poker advertising & throughout; , is by putting advertisers products, appeal, information such as concept, image printed on the CARDS, either to the spread of a form of advertising. Previous poker, were used as pure entertainment, until the coming of the 21st century, to make advertising poker were presented. With the emergence of advertising poker, poker as a commodity is broken by then, the concept of for advertising authorized unit, advertising poker is not a commodity, but rather a form of advertising, its main purpose is to advertising, including product promotion, promotion, or commemorative activities, and so on. With the high-speed development of era, USES mostly playing CARDS issued, or collateral in the product in different ways, into the society and market. Today's poker areas more and more widely, also more and more diversified and advertising poker this meaning is no longer a single form, and is born to advertising CARDS. Wangjing printing for 13 years, don't forget to beginner's mind, just do, let you play well, feel comfortable playing CARDS, poker, wangjing, these six words is not a simple slogan, but, wangjing company for poker life pursuit.
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