Poker bronzing printing simple introduction?

by:WJPC     2021-02-22
Hot stamping, 印字) , hot stamping, commonly known as & other; Hot stamping & throughout; , in our country has a long history. Refers to the hardcover book sealed shell of the front cover or the back cover and the book, back part of the hot color words and patterns of foil and other materials, or use the hot-pressing method imprinted on the title of convex concave or pattern. Today, many are fast printing enterprises with different types of hot stamping technology. Cold seal: without using the heated metal plate, but the method of using printing adhesive transfer metal foil. Cold wave process of low cost, saving energy, high production efficiency, is a very promising new technology. Bump stamping ( Also known as 3 d printing) : use modern sculpture technology make up and down with the female die and male die, stamping and pressure bump process at one time, improve the production efficiency. Electricity can sculpture made of mould surface transition to general corrosion law of mould is hard to realize three-dimensional relief effect. Bump the occurrence of hot stamping, hot stamping and pressure bump process completed at the same time, reduces the working procedure and waste caused by misregister. Holographic identity: using computer technology change the amplitude and frequency of grating, make its effect than the calculation of design of the color is more bright-coloured, clearer. If the hologram logo as the original copy will produce a large number of holographic lost, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. According to the characteristics of the hologram stamping logo, holographic logo printing can be divided into continuous and independent holographic hot stamping. Continuous holographic logo stamping is the replacement of the ordinary laser holographic hot stamping. Independent holographic logo stamping is to make separate from the holographic label on the electrochemical aluminum logo, and beside each pattern are all in alignment markers.
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