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Poker Card Chinese Jokers


WJPC has been working hard to offer high-quality multi-color printing products and will continue to improve our printing technology by purchasing advanced printing press from world. This new printing press can not only run at a maximum speed of 15,000 sheets per hour, but also combine with a coating system, saving more time and manpower for better work. We are eager to make more famous playing cards to you! People continue to come to WJPC, and we have made it our mission to deliver the goods every single time. 

Full Color Waterproof plastic Playing Cards

Whether its plastic poker cards or plastic bridge cards that you use in your game, we always advise that you select a product that is plastic. A card that is plastic will conservatively last 20 to 50 times longer than a plastic coated playing card. WJPC plastic playing cards will not be marked, dented, or crimped under normal playing conditions, preventing accidental marking, and they are washable that giving your decks that brand new fresh look for years. plastic playing cards are a pleasure to deal, they slide across the table felt easily which add a professional sense of quality to your game. WJPC plastic playing cards are mark resistant, durable, flexible, shuffle effortlessly and deal with ease. They make your game run efficiently and are the best economic solution to playing cards.

Chinese playing card makers, whether they be based on mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or even Macau, have a reputation for imitation and replication fused with innovation which has produced perhaps the widest variety of joker playing card designs of any single part of the world.


While this anonymous copy of the classic Waddington’s standing jester is a poor quality fake in which no attempt has been made at originality.

Chinese versions are often easily spotted by the poor quality printing, paper, and the custom of producing one joker card in colour and another in monochrome or even just not coloured black and white.

The later Arrco laughing head jester inspired a run of Chinese imitations with their own adaptations.

ARRCO jokert with Chinese copies

The playing card company standing jester was copied but incorporating the colouring of the Waddington's standing jester to produce novel variations.

But not as interesting as this design which takes the jester’s face, head, and collar together with the yellow banner from the Cartamundi classic jester, applied to a Chinese original generic unicycling style design.

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