'Poker collectors' Guo Xiaoli poker thousands kinds of collection

by:WJPC     2021-02-20
Recreation of poker, in anhui citizens Guo Xiaoli eyes, became precious & other; Baby & throughout; 。 Since 1999, he will be more than 1000 from far apart, all kinds of poker acquisition. He collect poker subject diversity, not only of different shapes, sizes, and really eye-opening. Recently, the reporter walks into Guo Xiaoli see, inside the sitting room and two cabinet, thickly dotted with a variety of poker. Look closely, poker content covers the history, characters, literature, scenery, military, sports, cartoons, zodiac, advertising, and other topics, it can be regarded as an encyclopedia. The modelling of poker and each has its own characteristics, there are dozens of different sizes of special-shaped CARDS, and contains elements of poker ashtray, glass such as wide variety of poker derivatives. “ These CARDS, not weigh appearance already has more than 1000. ” The process of collection, Guo Xiaoli after selective sorting through all the CARDS according to different subjects, each subject representative. The reporter sees, & other; The Chinese and foreign celebrities series & throughout; Not only princes with sun yat-sen, MAO zedong, zhou enlai, republic of China, the colonel, Mr Obama; In & other; Literary classics series & throughout; , there are four classic, tang poetry, song ci, yuanqu, etc; “ Scenic spots throughout the series &; Include both at home and abroad well-known tourist attractions; “ Wikipedia class & throughout; Including military, sports, health, etc. ; “ Abnormity throughout different material series &; Mainly different shapes, different materials of poker, poker, including plastic, metal materials and also on the shape of the extended, widened, round, square, diamond, and sigmoidal poker. The most amazing is that a pair of miniature poker only about 1 cm long and wide, also is a fingernail. In poker Guo Xiaoli collection, by the largest number of red classics series of poker. “ A poker is a story, a pair of poker is a textbook. ” Guo Xiaoli said, he is more and more feel that poker is a kind of cultural carrier, a kind of carrier of illustrated books. And those related to the revolutionary leader, historical themes such as the red classic poker, was his favorite.
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