Poker face effect of bees, what are the advantages?

by:WJPC     2021-01-22
Is the world's casino in special bee card, also is the indispensable professional gambling CARDS. Characterized by single card back decorative pattern, and endless, have prevent gamblers out thousands of purpose. Bee playing CARDS, then, it shows that the effect of, what's the advantage for paper! Just follow wangjing below small make up look together! Effect of bee playing CARDS, mainly reflected in the eight pieces: 1, the effect of print can be on after UV oil, hot stamping, etc after processing; After plastic are not. 2, after the effect of print can curl and folding is not easy to take off a layer; After plastic cannot bend, fold, easy to take off the floor. 3, coated ( The film) After printing to use a ball-point pen to write; After plastic cannot write. 4, widely used in spray coating color paper, laminating the bee playing CARDS, photo paper, uncoated paper, rugged art paper grain; After model can only be used for flat's uncoated paper. 5, pre-coating film belongs to soft roll film, weight is light film, the film, striped film; Through plastic as long as the bright film one. 6, laminating package pre-coating film is continuous operation, produce power is higher than after molding. 7, package pre-coating film can achieve A3, A4 and other standard 1 (fix, don't have to, after plastic same prepare a variety of different standards of materials; Effect of material capital in less than a plastic and cold wind. 8, laminating adhesive is hot sol, not glue after cooling, products cut the neat and clean; After the cold wind cut will glue, sticky dust on print edge after dark, very ugly.
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