Poker J, do you know who it is?

by:WJPC     2021-02-04
On the last to tell you about poker & other J” Story, before give you said the PAM is Lancelot; J is Mr Gill of spades; Red peach J is haier; Square J is Hector, four of them are warrior knight. Lancelot is class Wang Heyi lotus, the son of the queen, was abandoned early, later, he came to the Arthur dynasty, and became one of the most famous knights of the round table in the arthurian legend. King Arthur very trust to him, let he was in attendance upon the queen. But Lancelot and queen GuiNi produced relationship between, and this has led to war between he and king Arthur. In order to save GuiNi Lancelot and launched an unnecessary fight, this led to a split in the knights of the round table. After the battle, Lancelot to confess his SINS and became a monk. About Mr Gill historical data is not much, he is in the middle ages in the heroic epic poem 'song of Roland' Charlie ii twelve paladins ( Paladin Paladin) One of the six fairy bless the prince of Denmark, is the portrait of sideways, had a beard. La haier is to follow an invincible generals Joan of arc, he is Charlie vii attendants, his personality is outgoing, operational capability is strong, has a good military talent, his life exploits hehe, especially as the chief commander he won the victory of the war of the parthian, this is a decisive victory in the French army in the war of one hundred. He then carry out guerrilla warfare in many aspects, for France to win the final victory has made an outstanding contribution. In poker with an axe, he had a beard, is also a portrait sideways, a see be a warrior knight. Hector, is the first warrior Troy, brave personality, kindness, be careful, he strong operational capability, it is said that no one soldier can block Hector's spear, he hated war, but as a national best warrior and leader, he can only choose to fight. But later on in the first of the warrior Achilles ( 阿基里斯) Duel died, let a person very sorry. In square J, Hector, armed with spears, elan.
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