Poker manufacturers, printing color difference of several causes

by:WJPC     2021-02-01
Print ink evenly, colorful integrity is the basic requirement of the packaging product quality, and the printing color difference is printing product quality common problem. Throughout poker printing process, there are a variety of causes of printing colour difference, have adverse factors on the process technology, also have the cause of the raw materials. Therefore, correct understanding and understand these printing conditions and the relationship between the inky, to accurately control the printing ink quality, prevent the production of printing color difference, has the very vital significance. A, ink printing color difference caused by poor technology, printing ink layer thickness and viscosity is not easy to produce off color. Printing, only in moderation and uniform printing ink layer, can better ensure the quality of the printing quality of ink, and effectively prevent the formation of printing sticky dirty failure. If it is printing ink layer the partial thick viscosity increases accordingly, thus easy to cause printing the paper off powder, hair phenomenon, affecting the uniform of the print ink. But if the printing ink layer the partial spend small thin and thick ink, the printing quality of the ink is weak, printing quality of visual effect is poor. The other & ndash; ‘ Aspect, because the ink has the characteristics of thixotropy, as the growth of the printing machine running time, and the printing speed is accelerated, the machine's friction coefficient increase and the temperature of the ink will gradually rise, its viscosity will be reduced, so that the printing ink will print more and more shallow, batch products before and after the inky color difference, formed by the inconsistent. So, must fully consider these factors when ink, according to the climate temperature condition, and the characteristics of the printing machine, adjust the right ink concentration, thereby reducing the likelihood of printing in color difference, make the printing ink is relatively stable. But in the actual process of printing, printing ink viscosity decline is inevitable, often just the printing quality of printing ink is thicker, and then gradually fade out, in this way, can be adjusted through appropriate transfer ink roller rotation Angle iron, increase gradually lose the ink amount, to keep the printing ink before and after the basic consistent. Deployment of three and multicolor printing ink, should try to avoid using disparities larger ink mixing proportion, so as to avoid printing is big and make the ink in the ink fountain by different proportion, produce & quot; Layered & quot; ( The precipitation and suspended) Printing color difference phenomenon. To keep the ink of the continuous, uniform transmission, often should use knife to stir the ink in the ink fountain. In addition, because of the significantly reduce the amount of ink in the ink fountain in the process of printing, easy to make the ink fountain sheet steel and ink transfer iron roll gap smaller and make the ink output decrease, make the print ink. To avoid this kind of circumstance happening, should also pay attention to in production often add ink to ink fountain, always maintain a certain amount of ink in the ink fountain. To prevent ink viscosity variation too much and affect the balance of print ink, cots and iron roller contact between not too loose or too tight, cots and should not be hard, in order to minimize the friction heat to ink the influence of thixotropy, reduce the ink appear fade phenomenon. Second, stress, discomfort caused by printing color printing pressure is one of the conditions of ink transfer, due to the plate surface can't be absolutely flat, paper surface also inevitably have slightly concave and convex shape and gauge, if printing pressure is insufficient or uneven, printing ink layer is easy to appear uneven shades of phenomenon. The ideal printing process is in & other; Three flat & throughout; Which requires, on the basis of the printed pages and substrates and packages lining at the condition of relatively flat surface, to the thinner ink layer through balanced printing pressure effect, make the print on a uniform ink. When printing pressure is insufficient or uneven, package lining body contact with the printed page being bad, need to lose is increased by the ink amount, to meet the layout details the visual effect, but this will not only increase the amounts of ink, and prone to print color and print quality sticky dirty. So, to prevent the production of printing color difference, it should be printing & other; Three flat & throughout; The basic conditions, and USES the uniform and constant pressure for printing. If it is to use letterpress process ( Based on round flatten or flat pressing machine) Printing chart in a large area of the products, the best properties of cushion material should use gold, and in this way, its material smoothness and better robustness, printing pressure is stable, is helpful to prevent pressure variation caused by color printing. Three, ink roller printing color difference caused by bad lithographic, letterpress printing, the printing quality can get uniform ink, the quality of the rubber roller have a vital role. Wafer printing color printing machine, generally equipped with ink roller, uniform ink roller and inking rollers three, including the inky had a greater influence on the shade of ink roller and inking rollers. And the ink roller elasticity, viscosity, circle degree, hardness and surface finish, to a large extent determines the quality of print ink. If lack of poor elasticity, viscosity of ink forme roller, roller eccentricity and superior colloid and colloid poor finish to exist, printing process is likely to cause uneven brush and ink or unstable phenomenon, make each transfer printing ink is not consistent. Printing color products, therefore, should use good quality rubber roller, to ensure that each print cycle in ink on the page. If printing bulk products, should be timely to cleaning of rubber roller, printing in the stranded in the paper on the rubber roller to remove dust and impurities, to ensure the uniform of ink transfer, prevent the formation of printing color.
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