Poker manufacturers spread Angle yards of common sense for you

by:WJPC     2021-02-01
1, what is the Angle code Angle code refers to the card number, such as A, K, 8, and so on, perhaps modern is the vast majority of people think that playing CARDS at present, we have learned early on poker no Angle code, this poker is one of the biggest problems, must see the entire poker to know the size of the CARDS. It was not until 1870 years in the future, people invented the corner by the United States. 2, Angle code evolution in the 18th century, there has been a manufacturer of playing CARDS in a poker card per a Roman alphabet or Arabic Numbers printed on the top corner in order to recognize, but this approach has been used only on the pattern of poker and spanish-style poker, not in a normal French pattern of poker, it was not until the 19th century. According to historical records, in the 1870 s, three us poker manufacturers, use different way to deal with the problem. A manufacturer in each on the corner of the two CARDS printed on a narrow a graphics card, known as the triple type ( 一式三份) 。 This way is now more with less. One on each corner of the two CARDS printed on a figure symbols and a Numbers or letters, called double Angle code type ( 压榨机) Now, this is the most popular way, poker is generally used in Britain and the United States this way. Eventually a in the four corners of each card printed symbols and designs a Numbers or letters, known as the four yards ( Quadruplicate) This approach, the printing of poker generative sector regardless of the brand to the left or right, to be able to see the Angle of the code, now European poker is printed in this way. J (of poker 杰克) The original with the KNAVE ( The scoundrel) A word, the word until the 1940 s are popular in the UK and continental Europe, until now has been largely abandoned don't have to, but in some countries such as Europe such as Sweden, also in the use of this word. Replace the word KNAVE with JACK can quickly get masses under one of the reasons is the records or statements card case, perhaps when using abbreviations, perhaps in narrative process CARDS, can conveniently use JACK J, the first letter of the word and bag yesterday when use the word KNAVE, it is necessary to use Kn, if only K it could cause disorder. No matter at home and abroad, popular and throughout the biggest factor is due to the convenience of the masses.
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