Poker material has several, you know?

by:WJPC     2021-01-31
Recently have more customers inquiry, ask CARDS usually what's the material? Now I say poker what are the general types of commonly used materials. The first: frustrated the paper features: belong to common paper, paper is relatively cheap, the unit price can be accepted by most people, more commonly used in domestic trade. Powder, paper coating is not very uniform, black spots, not white or even some moldy, domestic trade do more rarely do foreign trade. The second: blue heart paper features:; A frustrated the paper, this paper toughness, stiffness and density are much better, durable, price is moderate, the third: domestic 'dirty' paper characteristics: the characteristics of this paper and the blue heart, but the price will be higher. Fourth: characteristics of coated paper, coated paper is also called double copper paper, white paper, paper coated evenly on both sides, the all paper CARDS, this paper printing color is the best, is also very good stiffness of the production of poker, most used as billboards and general game CARDS, tarot CARDS. Fifth: import 'dirty' paper features: pretty good, good toughness, folding, perspective, to do a card or 56, generally for casino card, cut flowers such as DangKa CARDS, relative to the quality of the best, some international well-known large companies will also adopt this paper billboards. The above five kinds of paper material, playing CARDS, regular size is 57 * 87 mm, 63 * 88 mm, each pair of 54, of course, if you want to do other size and number of sheets can also, please consult our customer service: 13712117792.
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