Poker packaging paper classification?

by:WJPC     2021-02-02
Pallets are very common in all walks of life, the enterprise product packaging customization in many cases are generally used. Playing CARDS in the printing industry, in particular, this kind of packing material is more common, so what are the advantages of pallets? A, low cost, easy to processing. Of course, this is for the production enterprises, especially in poker printing industry, paper material price is low, the paper as a poker packaging material, its production efficiency is high, and especially now with the printing and production of advanced equipment, the general printing industry nissan up to more than ten to two hundred thousand cartons. 2, convenient for printing. Now many enterprises are like custom poker, required to print on the packaging of the company's LOGO or other images or text, and it is printing will be very convenient for the paper material, and printed LOGO will be more beautiful, this is made of other materials packaging. Three, environmental protection. With the rapid development of economy, the national environmental protection is also increasing, pallets can be repeated use, generally using scrap paper products, energy conservation and environmental protection can not only ZaoFei, kill two birds with one stone of it. Four, good protective. Paper has good elasticity and toughness, good protective packaging. With paper as the material of the poker box can effectively prevent CARDS fell and cut. Five, the paper is light, easy to transport. Quality of the paper itself is small, good softness and controllable avulsion, transportation is very convenient. In addition, the paper packaging materials and scale is small, the effect of heat and light, has the advantages of better stability and shape plasticity, suitable for production of poker box.
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