Poker posted forehead laws of the game?

by:WJPC     2021-01-29
This is personally, I prefer a game, especially when the party to play this, can be a very good atmosphere and bring you joy, let me introduce for you CARDS posted forehead game rules. The game fun place is to test performance and can pit, others may also pit himself, can also own reasoning, similar to the game to kill, but much more interesting game is relatively simple. Because when friends often play, so drink as punishment to introduce, drinking amount of how many other punishment for reference. Prepare a deck of CARDS, the number of words again 5 to 8 people, the rules of the game: big ghost, most imp ( Wang) Secondly, A minimum. Spades & gt; Red hearts & gt; Mei & gt; Squares, basically be guess card game. After a deck of CARDS shuffle, each a, points that we cannot see their brand and design and color. All people will give their card posted on his forehead, then you can see all of the other person's card except yourself. And then licensing people started calling, can choose to call & other; The biggest drink & throughout; Or & other The smallest drink & throughout; 。 Then press anticlockwise turn to the next one is called, can call & other; Consent & throughout; Or & other; Don't agree with & throughout; 。 “ Consent & throughout; Represents a player's decision before agreed, directly to the next call, & other; Don't agree with & throughout; Have a sip of wine, and then can change the name, The largest drink/minimum drink) And so, until there was a man called all agree, then open and if the call is one of the biggest drink, then faces the greatest person, for a drink. There is also a game: the card. When you feel yourself in the game of CARDS may be a maximum or minimum, can on your own turn choose to replace your card, the card to drink half a cup. In card stick back to his forehead again, before the card rejected and you won't be able to see before the end of this one. And then from the card start, continue to call one of the biggest/smallest drink drink, until all agree. Note: in the first round of the card. Is very interesting, you learned? To call a friend to play on play, invention, of course, you can also create other more interesting game.
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