Poker why choose custom?

by:WJPC     2021-01-31
Playing CARDS is our essential to life entertainment, is also the most wise choice, players in the heart actually winning or losing is not important, as long as the player happy, will be full of fun. As for why choose independent customized! In fact, the main is playing CARDS covers a very wide area. If you will be your company's brand, print to playing CARDS, so that you can be in the hands of the people, to open your products market quickly. Because custom poker, relatively speaking, can let each card, will highlight the unique side, is unique because it is over, will be the best process, will let the brand quality, and the more delicate. Moreover, the surface of the poker can present a smooth level off, colour is gorgeous, distinct, and such printed CARDS, more fit to the player's play.

can then poker divination? In our country. Poker is also affected by the theory of Yin and Yang, it associated with the four seasons. Card of 4 pattern represents the four seasons of chun xiaqiu winter, black and red is on behalf of the day and night and day, black for Yin on behalf of the moon, red for Yang on behalf of the sun. Before not stereotypes, red peach representative, also on behalf of the spring; Squares represent sunset also on behalf of the summer; In the evening also represented at the autumn of spades; Plum blossom represent the night also on behalf of the winter. Such as the 369 grand leveller in the card, so then we each color there were nine. The ancients thought cannot little & other; Food & throughout; So added into 10 pieces, four color for a total of 40, there are four patterns of color is the image above. After spread to Europe, europeans and it perfectly with the tarot is today let's see the CARDS, its meaning is more rich, also has the function of divination. The widespread application of

about CARDS, everyone not unfamiliar, sure whether play dou landlord, upgrade, or play fast, bridge, are we in the offline essential & other; Equipment & throughout; 。 In addition to playing CARDS, CARDS and many other USES. Such as before the Iraq war, the americans will make a batch of playing CARDS with Iraq's important characters, so that soldiers can recognize these people, so as to implement precision. This is also known as & other; Poker notice & throughout; 。 Poker is in essence a piece of card, so the above pattern to be able to print what, there is a lot of play space. By the stylist strange think of clever want, poker outside entertainment, practical, also has the artistic quality.
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