Precious memories about playing CARDS!

by:WJPC     2021-02-14
Mention playing CARDS, everyone has a deep memory. Growing up, it seems to appear in our life, it regardless of age, sex, occupation, it witnessed our growth. Remember when I was a child, when home economic conditions is not very good, children are like, all day is looking forward to New Year's day, because only the New Year can eat at ordinary times do not eat a lot of good things. One to thirty night, neighbors would put the table together, take to come over, the homemade delicious together, talking and laughing, can be happy. Eat about the same, the women are sitting beside the fire chewed homely, while men are sitting together playing CARDS, this is a whole night, the children carefully looked at on the edge of the table, or a pair of appearance, the adults think kids messed up, then took out a pair may not be very complete, a patchwork of CARDS for the children to play, a group of children are happy with the' target='_blank'>poker imitating adults like shuffling, touch card, card, a card, it should be many precious childhood memories. Again big some, once the children have to go to school, some students more mischievous daring, would secretly take a deck of playing CARDS from home to school. Wait until after the teacher check lodge in the evening, slipped out, by the light of the corridor outside, begin to happy to play with your classmates, the result didn't play long, was & other; Chicken thieves throughout &; Teacher is found, then coming in for criticism, write a review, but also in front of the class to read it again, although a little sad, but my heart is very happy. In a couple of days, such as the dormitory again sounded familiar shuffling sound. Think about when I was a child is a kind of leather, but it is still our most precious memories. Wait until the late teens, went to college, far from home. The departure time, to say goodbye to parents, looking at mother red eyes, the in the mind very not taste. Sitting in the green on the train, really boring, so and friends play CARDS to kill time, total feel didn't play a few has been to the destination, but the time of playing CARDS is our most precious memories. Gradually, we are all grown up, or into the workplace, or have a wife, but the CARDS are still indispensable things in our life, those who used to belong to our precious memories are forever, won't die.
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