Printing industry trend of the future what changes will happen!

by:WJPC     2021-02-12
What is the regular size CARDS?
there are several kinds of specifications, advertising poker is a normal specifications, which are usually seen on the market of poker, similar to 57 * 87 mm ( Accurate size is 56. 5 * 86. 5毫米) , there are two kinds of widening the poker size, that is what we call the 62 * 87 cm / 63 * 88 mm, widen the face a bigger poker ads. There are some friends turn into diamond CARDS for individuality. The fan. Circular, etc. , these poker besides has certain ornamental, little practicability, and the price will be high. ( 1) Billboards, bridge: 57 & times; 87mm( Vice single, double, four pack) ; Is the size of the national standard. ( 2) Big: 62 * 87 mm / 63 * 88 mm; Is a standard size abroad. ( 3) Spanish CARDS ( A pair of 40/50) :57 * 87 mm / 62/95mm ( 4) The French brand ( A pair of 78/54/32/44) :56*86mm/57*87mm/60*113mm( 5) Russia ( A pair of 54/36) : 57 57 * 90 mm * 87 mm /

how to use the CARDS, fold the receive a case!
11 nearly, all kinds of delicious home dalai is a large number of procurement, to collate them will need a vessel to receive it, wangjing small make up the steps, according to online today, teach people together to do it. Materials: a deck of playing CARDS steps: 1, the two CARDS relative & other; Throughout cross &; Each fold, fold the 6 group 2, will fold a good set of CARDS for assembly, each buckle, then joining together into a box 3. Then poker part of front end up folding folding up on the back part of the six, and then inserted into the bottom, two layer 4. And then on both sides of the fold out six fold up & other; A square throughout the &; , in profile, strengthening box, according to the figure & other; Knead a pinch & throughout; 5. Finally it is firm, we will do the & other; Pile & # 39; , j will card in two, and then folded in half and then folded up in the middle, folding into below shape, up and down into the joint of the

Chinese traditional printing industry has developed rapidly but deformity, profit is low, serious information asymmetry, business communication, acquaintances trade is given priority to, and so on questions. E-books on books and periodicals printing, the wind of integrity, to crack down on packaging and printing, digital printing preemption personalized printing, our traditional printing industry overcapacity, the national average starting time is only 50%, the north-south difference is huge. Predictable printing industry of the Internet, and even the Internet will be a tendency in manufacturing! Channel network more convenient, convenient, save resources, protect the environment, save manpower. For this, the traditional printing industry also needs to be changed as soon as possible. According to the data published by the state general administration of press and publication, in 2014, there are 10 printing enterprises throughout the country. 5 m, employing 339 people. 40000 people, the realization of printing gross output value of 10857. The total assets of 11763 500 million yuan, the whole industry. 000 million yuan, profit total 714. 200 million yuan, printing foreign processing trade volume of 866. 200 million yuan.

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