Printing of the encyclopedia said why screen printing its limit in the future

by:WJPC     2021-02-23
Traditional flat printing, letterpress and gravure printing method normally only on flat substrates, printing and silk screen printing can not only in the plane, can also be in curved surface, spherical and concave and convex surface printing on substrates. On the other hand can also be in soft and hard surface printing is not restricted by material to printing. Therefore, in our daily products, such as plastic, textile, metal, glass, ceramic, etc. , its application fields are also very widely: advertising, dyeing, electronics industry, and so on everywhere, enterprise business called & other; Universal printing & throughout; 。 Under the support of national policy, the market today are in a competition and development of the good old days, silk screen printing in which natural will occupy significant position: 1. Large advertising in marketing and business advertising panel is undoubtedly the most & other; Deeply rooted in the hearts of the people throughout the &; , the effect is one of the best ways, the effective use of screen printing with the popularity of advertisements, naturally attention. 2. All kinds of display device switch, panel and so on electronic products in this era of science and technology, we are used to, but the screen printing production technology to its share of more than 9 into may will let you shocked, in the future is more pay attention to the age, health, environmental protection, green silk screen printing or will shock people's attention once again. 3. Large outer packing and outside decoration products, convenient people's life, but also make screen printing & other Approachable & throughout; And consumers have already begun habits and use the technology products, the future of technology updates, more convenient people's life, humanized technology products will make screen printing becomes essential. China's reform and open policy unceasingly thorough, in the near future, China, or will become the world's largest screen printing market. Silk screen printing unique characteristics, vitality and development potential, will be for us to witness and to surprise.
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