PVC material type: smooth, dumb face and frosted

by:WJPC     2021-02-21
Now make card technology more and more, so we are often asked what smooth card customer, dumb face card is what kind of, grind arenaceous card what is, and so on questions, customers don't even know the PVC seal has a few kinds to choose. ( 1) PVC smooth card: smooth card is simply to the surface of the PVC card processing is relatively light, the luminosity is strong, can reach the mirror effect, and the surface is very smooth, good printing color. ( 2) PVC dumb face card: dumb face card surface treatment and surface treatment of the smooth card on the contrary, dumb face card on the surface of the luminosity is very weak, even if in the light the place with stronger looks is the luminosity is very weak. Dumb face CARDS generally do more foreign orders, domestic is given priority to with smooth card. ( 3) Frosted PVC card: grind arenaceous card is easy to understand, is PVC card surface treatment as frosted surface, can also be called the frosted dumb face card, grind arenaceous card is not reflective surface. Grind arenaceous card than glossy card, dumb face card a advantages, is a frosted card face is not easy to be wear or scratches, and simple sense is very good, but if with hot stamping process, hot stamping effect will be not so good. ( 4) Actually the effect of three kinds of CARDS each have each characteristic, choose to do what kind of completely the demand of the customers, look here for everyone to do a reference. In addition, wangjing and do hot stamping, laser, such as uv, special process card
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