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by:WJPC     2020-06-25
You build your future with every decision you make. . .
This is a system I designed to meditate or discuss a problem with Mexican playing cards.
You can also play cards in Spain or Italy.
These cards are similar to tarot cards and are only composed of 50 card groups (
Including two fools or clowns).
Remember, the result of your reading is not the same absolute, but the springboard to your own truth.
You build your future with every decision you make and every action you take.
These cards just provide you with time, focus and ideas for consideration.
If you have any questions, would like professional consultation, or would like to purchase a set of cards with instructions and carry bags or collection boxes, please feel free to contact me via hub pages.
Suzanne Bennett. ©Star of the Horn of July 5, 2008-EARTH -
Creativity, creativity, luck!
Thank you for the good luck you deserve!
At the moment when the physical world is manifest.
Return on Investment! Rewards!
Second, the balance between work and family.
Fair and trust all your deals.
Flexibility and ability to change.
Financial solvency and a productive business partnership.
Third, there is a reward for hard work!
Your achievements are the result of your personal efforts and vision.
You can do what you do best now!
This is a moment of real success!
Four: Financial security!
Good management returns! Be wise!
Save money and resources!
Do everything you can!
You will be rewarded with satisfaction and personal rewards!
Five: in the face of the root cause of your anxiety, do what you can with what you have!
Action will change your situation!
Six: satisfaction and balance.
There are three aspects of the approach we give.
Let go of all the excuses and pay from the heart!
Seven: Potential, integrity, sentiment.
The process of trust growth.
Be an actual Dreamer!
Your goal is worth it! Persevere!
Eight: moving, changing and continuing.
Value yourself and feel your value.
Doing what you like can bring economic success!
Craft is very important!
Pay attention to all details with love!
Avoid perfectionism
Nine: New energy!
New situation! Transformation!
Your efforts will be rewarded.
Seek independence and take it slowly in nature.
Enjoy leisure and entertainment.
Page 10: New energy!
New situation!
Practicality and value.
Good news about financial offers.
Hard work.
Conservative investment for insurance success.
Enjoy the abundance of the family.
Knight/11: generous and good luck!
Enjoy your wealth and count your blessings.
Loyalty and hard work = success!
King/12: seek a new perspective!
Resolutions and rewards.
Find a balance between work and entertainment.
Find satisfaction in what you have. CUPS -WATER -EMOTIONS -
Heart ace: inspiration, love, creativity and dreams.
Give and receive love at a new level.
Experience the exciting excitement of new love even in existing relationships.
Meditation will open your heart.
2. Romance, partnership and friendship.
Listen attentively.
Understand the true meaning of romance
The communication of emotion is clear, nourishing and beautiful.
Happy agreements, love and friendship flourish.
Three: Celebration and action!
New energy, life, creation, happiness, happy time with friends and family.
Play to update your spirit and restore your health. Four: static.
Express how you feel better!
Check your heartRe-
Evaluate your goals and priorities in relationships.
5. You are taking the test.
Disappointment becomes experience and ensures future success.
Let go of the sadness of the past and regain the power of healing.
Six: satisfaction and balance.
Enjoy a new life.
Admit your personal history.
Thank you for what experience has taught you.
Live in peace with the past in a realistic way.
Seven: Potential, integrity, perception, illusion
Rely on your intuition
Make the choices you deserve.
Recognize the golden opportunity.
Determine when to determine.
Eight: moving, changing, continuing and turning.
You give up a situation after a long-term investment.
Think carefully and choose wisely.
Nine: wish card.
All the good things
Unexpected satisfaction.
Hope becomes reality
Perfect balance in relationship
Page 10: tenderness and intuition.
Satisfaction, peace and harmony.
Good news about relationships and children.
Creativity and dreams
Listen to You
Listen to your inner voice
Follow your dreams
Knight/11: friendship and love.
Restore balance with patience and tenderness.
Find a consistent way to express your emotions.
Emotional maturity, empathy, intuition.
Think with your heart.
King/12: treating therapist.
The power of emotion.
Give yourself to others
Share emotional wisdom.
Follow intuition when making decisions.
Decide with your mind and your heart. WANDS -FIRE -
A gift!
Start something new.
Intuitive, creative, passionate.
Create a good first impression.
Second, balance, faith and partnership bring returns.
You\'re at the crossroads.
Use your power to create.
Move forward with great opportunities to implement the plan.
3. Be yourself.
Create Your Future with clear visualization.
Time for personal gains and rewards, opportunities and self-expression.
4. Pause, be quiet and go home.
Count your blessingsAll is well.
Celebrate, harvest, feel complete.
Grow up in all aspects of your life.
Five: constantly challenge your position.
Respect your opponent and keep your position.
Pay attention to every detail.
Keep your plan flexible.
Six: Victory, worthy of reward.
All your efforts are worth it.
Pay attention to details.
Fulfill all commitments
Seven: Potential, integrity, sentiment, courage.
Confidence and experience can overcome obstacles.
Although you are afraid, keep moving forward.
Defend what you love.
Eight: wonderful news, move, change and continue.
Offers will come.
Set goals, prioritize, and concentrate.
It\'s time for you to shine!
Nine: save resources, work smarter, not harder.
Arrange carefully.
Pay attention to details.
You will have strength, support and financial assistance for your task.
Page/10: ambition, pragmatism, new energy, transformation and new situation.
Energy, power and creativity.
The outbreak of inspiration
Details of action and inspection.
Be cautious about excessive commitment.
Release excessive responsibility
Knight/11: inspiration!
Express Spirituality in your actions.
Creative and practical, nurturing, encouraging and intuitive.
An era of creativity.
Speed up activities. You may move.
King/12: The power of creativity, maturity and wisdom will naturally attract others.
It is \"spark\" to seek only creative work \".
Feel the balance of Heaven and Earth & the ability to forgive deeply. . SWORDS AIR -
Wisdom and spirit: Victory, inner vision, agility of spirit will bring you success.
The energy of heart will drive new projects and help you to trade with confidence.
Overcome the struggle, gain strength in adversity, win the power of victory, change for good. TWO: Balance.
There will be a truce or stalemate, and courage and wisdom will bring success. Be diplomatic.
Consider alternatives.
Three: Let go of the sad situation.
Face one person or problem directly and move on.
Focus on solutions and seek new perspectives.
4. Peace brings healing.
Rest and recover after a series of stress.
Ground and charge yourself.
Look inward at real change.
Five: The power of choice.
Freedom can be found by accepting your restrictions.
Stay away from your struggles.
Let go of pride.
Exit from conflict
Six: through, Discovery, transition, satisfaction and balance.
You will go from difficult to smooth sailing!
Breathe, renew, regain energy and enthusiasm.
7. Potential, integrity and perception.
Your creativity is your best ally.
Win with the brain instead of the muscles in difficult situations.
Accomplish a project or dream.
There is a lion\'s heart.
Be brave.
The power of choice will free you.
Seek the help and wisdom of others.
Nine: patience, rest, recovery, and balance.
Replace every negative idea with a positive alternative.
Page 10: integrity, success, end, new era.
Good intelligence and helpful people will act quickly to help you.
Open to intellectual development, learning and learning.
Knight/11: intelligence, protection.
Speed up activities.
Pay attention to details.
Think with your head, not with your heart.
King/12: The Power of wisdom, thought and action.
The most important thing is truth, justice and fairness.
Take your way with your wisdom.
Two fools or clowns have two identical fools or clowns.
I chose to mark them with two Spanish words translated into fools.
You can use one of them or you can use both. It\'s up to you.
If you choose to use them, Mark each tag with a permanent tag so you know which one is which. INGENUO -
Sincere, naive©, Simple, naive, open to divine guidance based on trust.
Open like a child.
Trust and inspire trust in others. NECEDAD -
Stupid, funny, a new start.
Spontaneous, fun, willing to accept lighthearted risks.
Enjoy life and experience growth.
Upside down cards can be understood as something that is delayed or needs special attention.
Use your intuition!
Layout you can use any standard layout in playing cards (
Topics about card reading are found in many books)
Or you can create your own. The simple 3-
The card layout is very flexible and suitable for any situation.
When thinking about your problem, just shuffle & cut the deck into three piles from right to left with your left hand.
These three stacks can represent anything you want them to do.
Past, Present, Future or love, money, work or morning, afternoon, evening, etc.
You may also want to add a theme card or significator.
This is the fourth card to represent or be consulted.
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